Global Guttman

Global Guttman students on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Ecuador

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College is firmly committed to providing its students with dynamic, relevant and rigorous academic experiences. Experiential learning has always been a core tenet of the pedagogical model, and more recently global experiential learning opportunities have become increasingly prioritized. The Global Guttman Program is comprised of two branches – Study Abroad and Campus-Based Global Learning Programming.

With Global Guttman – a global education initiative launched in Fall 2014 – 90 students have participated in 10, short-term, faculty-led global travel programs embedded within credit-bearing courses in Germany, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Alaska, Jamaica, Chile and Belize. Additionally, various on-campus global opportunities have been offered, like the Global Learning Summit exchange workshops with students from Germany, France and Haiti, to name a few.

Grounded in an ethic of equity, Global Guttman aims to create opportunities for Guttman students to foster a deeper understanding of themselves in a global context, their sense of personal/social responsibility and to engage with complex ideas about global interdependence, while developing intercultural skills needed in a global workforce.

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Student Testimonials

“The most important thing I learned during the Global Guttman experience was the value of teamwork. I was able to get out of my comfort zone and try new things such as hiking, new foods and studying a culture other than mine.”

 “I learned so many things about myself during this trip. I now feel more capable of being independent since I was in a different country without either one of my parents. I also learned that I am eager to know the world and the people living in it. I am eager to keep discovering parts of myself in different countries. In short, this trip made me realize that I am capable of anything and most importantly that I am willing to chase everything I set my mind to.”

 “The unforgettable moments when we arrived at the Choco Rainforest and the days we spent there will always be locked in my heart. When you get to experience life without buildings, roads and concrete streets you will never be the same. Those five days in the jungle really tested my patience, disconnected us from our daily routines, and what we were accustomed to. While at the same we were adapting to new ways of living and learning so much about ourselves. I had so much time to prioritize and reevaluate what actually maters.”

 “It made me think about the real difference between a ‘need’ and a ‘want,’ and how much New Yorkers take for granted. The trip made me feel like I should really start taking into consideration what I believe in and what my mark and purpose in the world could be.”

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