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The Center for Career Preparation & Partnerships (CCPP) is committed to providing you with a solid foundation that will position you for future career success. Whether you transfer to continue your studies, or decide to seek employment, we want to see you thrive. Our aim is to help you develop skills that will help you excel at Guttman, throughout the transfer process, and in both career and life. Read More

Skills. No matter what career path you chose, employers expect you to graduate with certain skills that will allow you to make an immediate impact. We refer to the skills employers look for as career readiness competencies. We believe that if you commit to becoming competent in these skills, you will increase your employability in a competitive labor market. Our career readiness competencies are adopted from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). They are:

  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Oral/Written Communication
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Digital Technology
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism/Work Ethic
  • Career Management
  • Global/Intercultural Fluency

Developing your career readiness competencies involves two steps. First, you will begin to build these skills by leveraging the Guttman experience. Guttman provides many opportunities for you to develop these competencies, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Click here for your Career Readiness Road Map (PDF)

Second, career readiness competencies reflect a process of becoming. Let’s use leadership as an example. There are many different kinds of experiences you can pursue that will allow you to build your leadership skills. What is equally important, however, is that you become a leader. We want you to gain leadership experience and begin to embody leadership. Becoming a leader requires self-awareness, a growth mindset, new habits, and a commitment to putting in the work. The CCPP offers tools to help you through every step of the process.

Our Services

We are committed to helping you develop your career readiness competencies and as you will soon discover, these competencies are embedded in all of our programs, services and resources. Our industry partners have committed to these competencies as well. We invest in you in the following ways:

We invite you to connect with us through your own Grizzly Job & Internship Portal! Your link to connect with information about local jobs and internships, upcoming CCPP and industry events, and career-related scholarships can be found on your My Guttman page. Check your portal regularly to stay abreast of all career-building opportunities offered by the CCPP and across the campus.

Introduction to the Grizzly Job and Internship Portal (PDF)

Although you will find many of the answers to your questions by visiting the Grizzly Job & Internship Portal, you can also schedule an appointment to meet with a CCPP adviser about anything related to your career preparation needs. Appointments are available to discuss part-time jobs and internships, your career readiness roadmap, resume writing and cover letters, mock interviews, and general career exploration. Advising appointments are available every day of the week with drop-in hours on select days. Schedule your career advising appointment with a CCPP advisor on Starfish today!

We are excited to launch virtual career advising appointments on ZOOM starting fall 2020.

Sign up for a CCPP appointment using Starfish (PDF)

The Guttman Internship Program is our flagship career program as internships are one of the best ways to try a career on for “fit” and develop your career readiness competencies. Internships also enhance academic learning by providing opportunities for you to apply what you learn in the classroom. Some Programs of Study require internships and others offer internships as an elective option. The CCPP works with Programs of Study and faculty to identify academic internships that are a good fit for you based on your interests and skills. We will also work with you to find a non-academic internship at any point during your time as a Guttman student. Have a look at what these two students have to say about their Guttman internship experiences.

Guttman Internship Success Stories

In addition to internships, we work with local employers to identify part-time job opportunities. All part-time jobs sent to us by employers are posted in the Grizzly Job & Internship Portal.

Guttman partners with New York Cares to help students find community service and other volunteer opportunities in all five NYC boroughs. You may volunteer anytime during the academic year as well as during academic breaks. Guttman Gives Back is a core value central to the ethos of the college.

The CCPP hosts a variety of career & industry panels throughout the academic year. We invite diverse professionals to share their unique career stories and provide you with ideas, advice, and strategies to help you chart your own career journey.

Each semester the CCPP takes several groups of students to visit NYC-based organizations as part of our Guttman Treks program. These visits include a tour of the organization, an industry panel, and a Q&A session with the CEO.

The CCPP has a clothing closet of professional interview attire. We also maintain partnerships with other nonprofit clothing closets like Bottomless Closet and Dress for Success. Let us know if you are in need of professional attire for an upcoming interview or for your first day on the job.

Special Career Programs

The Guttman-JP Morgan Chase Associate Banker program kicks off in November of each year. If accepted into the program, you must attend mandatory monthly meetings from January through May. Upon successful completion of the training program, formal Chase interviews for the Associate Banker position take place in June. Both first-year and continuing students are eligible to apply for this program. Updates regarding the next Chase cohort will be announced Fall 2020.

The Career Exploration Challenge is an award-wining Guttman program designed to help you explore different career paths. A diverse group of industry partners are invited to campus for lunch-and-learn career networking sessions. These sessions are exclusively customized for the students accepted into the CEC. The challenge also includes comprehensive industry site visits. Students earn points for attendance. The student with the most points wins lunch with a Guttman Dean as the grand prize. The next CEC starts Fall 2020.

America Needs You (ANY) is an outstanding two-year career preparation program for high-achieving, low-income, first generation college students. The program is extremely competitive and we are proud to share that Guttman students have been selected each year. The application deadline is March 16th, 2020.

Career Resources

Vault is the best place online to start exploring industries, careers, and professions. Vault makes it possible for you to research career options of interest to learn what a particular career entails. You will learn the knowledge, skills, and experiences required to obtain, and be successful in, a diverse range of careers.

Online courses allow you to learn and grow at your own pace. Below are two online course platforms that are absolutely free. These platforms offer excellent course instruction and will help you develop basic skills that align with our career readiness competencies.

The NY public library provides free access to an expansive library of online courses through Taking an online course is an excellent way to build your skills and deepen your competencies. You will need your NY library card and PIN number to access the platform. If you do not remember your PIN, you can request a new one by visiting any NY public library location.

Recommended Courses

  • Excel
  • Word
  • Time Management
  • Communications Foundations
  • Entrepreneurship Foundations


Learn with Google

Google’s digital courses are an excellent online resource to learn new skills. The courses in the Career Module are a great way to build competencies.

Recommended Courses

  • Build Confidence with Self-Promotion
  • Land Your Next Job
  • Effective Networking
  • Business Communication
  • Speaking in Public

Career Readiness Resources

Resume Template
Cover Letter Template