Writing Across the Curriculum

The faculty and staff at Guttman Community College are committed to creating courses and assignments in the core curriculum and all programs of study that consistently engage students in diverse writing tasks. With Peter Elbow, we believe that writing can be a powerful learning tool if it is used consistently and intentionally in courses across the disciplines, rather than merely a means for demonstrating learning. With Mina Shaughnessy, we believe frequent and structured writing activities are essential for students who begin college underprepared for college-level work.

The materials here are borrowed from the Writing Across the Curriculum Resource Center on the CUNY Academic Commons and WAC websites at CUNY and other colleges. Over time, the collection will grow through contributions from faculty, graduate coordinators, and writing fellows.

Within CUNY, a Writing Fellow is an advanced Ph.D. student from The Graduate Center who works 15 hours/week at a campus WAC Program. At Guttman Community College, WAC Fellows work with faculty and instructional teams to promote writing across the curriculum in the innovative first-year experience and the six programs of study. Guided by the College’s commitment to promoting engagement and success, the WAC program envisions all students as developing writers and all writing activities as learning activities. The Fellow’s role is to support the development of curricula, assignments, and activities grounded in best practices for teaching with writing. Fellows facilitate faculty and staff development workshops in collaboration with the WAC Coordinator and assist in the creation and assessment of syllabi and writing assignments. In particular, Fellows work with faculty and other members of the instructional teams to plan and refine writing activities that support students with diverse backgrounds and differing levels of preparation.