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Dr. Dalvin Hill & Class of 2019 Alumnus Hector Castro Co-Author Health Information Technology Paper to be Presented at International Conference

April 6, 2020 | Academics, Alumni, Alumni Achievement, Conference Presentation, Faculty, Information Technology, Publication, Research, STEM, Technology

Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator of Information Technology Dr. Dalvin Hill and class of 2019 alumnus Hector Castro have co-authored an article titled “The Impact of Integrating Data Generated from Wearable Devices into a Patient Health Record (PHR)”. This paper was accepted for presentation at the 22nd International Conference on Collaborative Care, Integrated Health Systems and Management Models conference in the fall. The article proposes the inclusion of data generated from wearable devices, such as smart watches, in a patient’s health record.

Anthony Fauci, Reaching Out to Help

February 27, 2020 | Alumni, Alumni Achievement

Anxiety is a condition that hinders student success—there’s no doubt about that! In a Fall 2018 survey, close to 20% of community college students self-reported that they suffered from anxiety, and in March 2019, CUNY’s CHASE (CUNY Health for Academic Success & Engagement) initiative identified student mental health as its top priority. At Guttman we know we lose students to mental health issues, and that upsets us because we can provide treatment here free of charge.  In the last 3 years, 12-14% of the Guttman student body has sought counseling sessions at the college’s Wellness Center, a percentage slightly ahead of the national average.  That’s good news, but there are so many additional students who can benefit. What we need are student champions of mental health and wellness. Students who are courageous enough to come forward to help defeat the stigma of seeking help.  Anthony Fauci, class of 2018, is such a hero. A student in Guttman’s inaugural class in 2012, his success was derailed for a time by anxiety.