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Dr. Ria Banerjee, Associate Professor of English

October 23, 2020 | Academics, Faculty, Faculty Feature, Global Guttman, Humanities and Social Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Study Abroad

“We can disagree and still be friends… Most of the time, a literature classroom is a philosophical space. It’s about how we live, how we react to each other, how we deal with love, and who we are constantly becoming. So, disagreement and argument… help us really understand what we think and why.”

Associate Professor of English Dr. Ria Banerjee specializes in literary modernism, primarily Anglophone British, European, and Indian writing of the 1910s-1930s – “partly because I love that ‘modernist mood’ and partly because so much of what people lived through at the beginning of the 20th century bears eerie parallels to what we are going through now.” Presently, she is at work on the manuscript of her book, tentatively titled Drafty Houses, where she posits that the way “modernist [English] authors wrote about changing, renovating, and restructuring houses and personal spaces in fiction actually speaks to how they thought the UK ought to change politically.” Avoiding direct confrontation with the authorities, “established authors like T. S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf wrote about rooms, buildings, and houses as a kind of substitute for… the nation as a shelter for citizens.” These writers became what Dr. Banerjee calls “tepid activists,” who were “outraged at the many political atrocities carried out by the UK at home and abroad, especially in the British colonies, [but] tried to find ways to be critical without being arrested,“ or having their writing banned. 

2nd Annual Global Learning Summit Engages Participants

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On May 19, The Global Learning Summit (GLS), a pilot project between Global Guttman and the Office of Partnerships and Community Engagement, was held. The event encouraged students to reflect on their transformative global experiences (8-24 months post travel) and to begin to translate their experiences into marketable skills for the workforce. 62 Global Guttman […]

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On April 21, two groups from the Global Guttman Program take off for Alaska and Nicaragua for spring break.  Global Guttman offers opportunities for Guttman students to travel abroad and to engage in innovative ways to “globalize” the campus. This effort encompasses much of the Global CUNY initiative launched by Chancellor Milliken in 2014. In […]

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During the week of November 15-20, Guttman Community College launched Global Guttman, a global learning initiative, by hosting the College’s first Global Guttman Week. Global Guttman offers opportunities for Guttman students to travel internationally and domestically while also engaging in innovative ways to “globalize” the campus. Global Guttman mirrors much of the vision of the […]

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Guttman students traveled to Ecuador for 12 days as part of Guttman’s first credit-bearing independent study course. Accompanying the students were professors Derek Tesser and Katie Wilson. This experiential course (LAS 298: Conservation, Culture, and Conflict in Ecuadorian Ecosystems) visited various sites in Ecuador July 10-22. The centerpiece of the trip was the exploration of […]

Guttman Students take off for the International Ecuador Program

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On July 10, six Guttman students will be traveling to Ecuador as part of the LAS 298 (Conservation, Culture, and Conflict in Ecuadorian Ecosystems) course for 11 days. Accompanying the students will be Professors Derek Tesser and Katie Wilson. Conservation, Culture and Conflict in Ecuadorean Ecosystems is a travel abroad course for Liberal Arts and […]