Summer 2019 Institute on Teaching with ePortfolio

Guttman will host a full-day Institute on Teaching with ePortfolio during summer 2019. The Institute will showcase outcomes from the 2018-19 ePortfolio Learning Circle (LC)and engage ten (10) additional faculty in designing learning-centered assignments and activities that utilize ePortfolio. Institute participants will continue their work in the fall 2019 ePortfolio Learning Circle.

Institute Activities

  • Discuss best practices for learning-centered use of ePortfolio
  • Showcase assignments & activities designed by the 2018-19 ePortfolio Learning Circle
  • Reflect on challenges and benefits of teaching with ePortfolio in fall 2019 courses
  • Brainstorm and Workshop draft assignments & activities for fall 2019 courses

Post-Institute Activities during Summer 2019

  • Participants will consult with mentors from the 2018-19 LC on revising their assignment and activity plans (compensated up to 5 hours)

Deliverables from Participants

  • Submit a structured reflection (Reflection 1) on teaching with ePortfolio (during the Institute)
  • Submit a plan for a learning-centered eP practice (before fall 1 2019)
  • Implement a specific learning-centered eP practice in their fall 2019 course
  • Submit a structured reflection (Reflection 2) on their eP practice (during fall 2 2019)
  • Publish their practice in Guttman’s digital ePortfolio Teaching archive (during fall 2 2019)

Facilitators (5)

  • Maggie Dickinson, Area Coordinator for Academic Technology
  • 4 TBD faculty members from the 2018-19 Learning Circle who commit to being Mentors during summer and fall 2019

Participants (10)

  • 10 faculty members who apply to the Institute and commit to implementing fall 2019 projects and participating in the 2019-20 Learning Circle