Guidance to Campus Access

As per the Fall 2020 Welcome message Chancellor Matos Rodríguez, the mandatory steps below will be required of all members of the CUNY community who need to come to a campus or office for any reason.

All employees who might be coming into the campus are required to complete the Blackboard NYS COVID-19 Response Return to Work training before returning on site. Failure to complete the training precludes entry to campus.  The 12-minute training video, which is housed on Blackboard, provides valuable information about the mandatory Daily Staff Screening Program; who should be tested, and where to get a test; daily work requirements such as social distancing, cleaning/sanitizing, elevator protocol, face coverings and personal hygiene; and mental health information and resources.

As you may be aware, CUNY has procured the Safety Connection Pro solution from Everbridge, a.k.a “the Everbridge App”, currently in use across the University.  This program provides remote health screening for CUNY faculty, staff, students, and visitors. No one will be allowed to enter a CUNY campus without first undergoing the “Everbridge”  health screening.  The Everbridge health screening is available via three forums:

  • Everbridge App.  Please use this Instructional Guide for accessing and using the app. Visitors should use the Visitors’ Guide for instructions. Based on the answers provided, you will receive confirmation on your phone or email that clears you to enter the college or office. Those not cleared to enter will be given additional guidance on what they should do next. Please also review these FAQs if you have a question.
  • Using the Email Option.  A web-based version of CUNY’s Health Screening allows users to complete the health screening questionnaire via email when they do not have smartphones or cannot download the app to their smartphones.  Users can arrange to receive a daily email reminder by going to the Everbridge Member Portal and signing in with their CUNY Login credentials.  Those without CUNY Login credentials will need to inform a screener, who will then send a registration link in an email with the subject line: “Member Portal Registration Invitation from CUNY”.  The daily email will allow users to complete the health screening questionnaire prior to arriving at a CUNY school or campus. The person must then show the Access Allowed Green Token to the CUNY Screener as a print out or screenshot.
  • Using the Kiosk Option. Those who arrive at a CUNY building without a smartphone or having used the email option can complete the Symptom Checker questions using the campus Kiosk method.  They should inform the CUNY screener at the entrance and will be provided an iPad  to answer the questions.  The results of the questionnaire are emailed to the screener.   If the results of the responses allow access, the screener will ask for a Photo ID prior to allowing entry to the building.

The system requires users to download the app and answer 5 brief yes/no questions indicating whether they might have Covid-19 symptoms, been in close contact with a person who is positive for the virus, or traveled to another state requiring a ten (10) day quarantine. Based on the answers provided, employees will receive a green check mark permitting access or a red token denying permission to access our campus.  If you receive a red token you will not be able to access the campus until you present a confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test to Human Resources or receive clearance from a medical doctor. This documentation must be dated no earlier than 3 days prior to the anticipated return to work date.

For those reporting daily:

Please ensure you are using the app and complete the form carefully prior to your arrival to the campus. We recommend that you complete the survey each morning even though you may be scheduled to arrive in the afternoon or evening.  The option to retake the test on the same day has been removed, even if an entry is made in error, or there are “app glitches.”   So, if you make a clerical error, you will be unable to retake the survey. If you receive a red token you will not be able to access the campus until you present a confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test to Human Resources and or have clearance from a physician.

For those employees not reporting daily but would like occasional access to the campus:

Guttman faculty and staff involved in prioritized activities may submit an online Request to Resume Activities Depot form to request access to campus and/or resume partial college activities. Other employees who need to visit the campus to pick up equipment or for any other need must email the Guttman Public Safety: and at least 24 hours prior to your visit indicating why they need to visit the campus, date and time preferred, someone will respond within 24 hours of the request with a decision.  For detailed guidance from the Office of Public Safety on campus entry requirements, please click here for a guide on occasional access to campus . If there is something that you need from the campus, Public Safety can mail it to you or have it packaged and ready to be picked up at the front desk to minimize exposure on campus.

For those traveling

There have been a few questions around requirements for people returning from a NYS designated state.  To clarify, they are required to quarantine for 10 days.  If the employee is deemed as an essential worker, however, a negative test result may permit him/her to return earlier.  Please refer to NYS COVID-19 Travel Advisory for further details.

(Essential workers are defined as Public Safety and Facilities)

All scheduled visits to the campus require prior approval and completion of the required health screenings as described above.  For more information, you can visit the Guttman Community College Reopening Plan.

COVID19 Testing & Vaccine Information

To receive a Covid-19 test, please call your healthcare provider or visit a local testing site in New York City and New York State.  For your convenience, please click the links below for detailed information about COVID-19 tests and testing sites located near you:

  1. NYC COVID-19 Testing Locations
  2. NYS COVID-19 Testing Locations

For information regarding vaccines, eligibility and availability in New York, please refer to the NYS COVID-19 Vaccine site. For other states information on vaccines, please visit their state site.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or