• Salute to Graduates Ceremony to Feature Two Distinguished Guest Speakers

    June 15, 2021

    This year’s Salute to Graduates virtual ceremony honoring the Guttman Community College Class of 2021 will feature two distinguished guest speakers. Mr. Michael Lawrence Collins, vice president at JFF, and Mr. Joshua “J1” Raiford, Director of Hip Hop at Pandora and Program Director at SXM Pandora, will deliver their messages to graduating students during the June 17th ceremony, broadcast on YouTube at 2:00 pm.

  • Dr. Gholdy Muhammad Leads Workshop on Historically Responsive and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy during Guttman’s Assessment Days

    May 27, 2021

    As the featured guest during Guttman’s Fall II Assessment Days, author of Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy and faculty at Georgia State University Dr. Gholdy Muhammad led an interactive workshop virtually for our instructional staff. Having presented the HILL Pedagogy – Histories, Identities, Literacies, Liberation – to the entire Guttman community in a previous virtual event, Dr. Muhammad’s session delved deeper into her framework’s overarching goals of Academic Success, Cultural Competence, and Sociopolitical Consciousness, which encompass the skill-building that students obtain and practice in class; their personal and social identities and backgrounds, in conversation with those of others; and the knowledge they gain from lived experiences outside of the classroom. In the workshop, Guttman faculty participated in revising an existing or new assignment according to the more granular criteria Dr. Mohammad has elaborated: advancing Identity, Skills, Intellect, Criticality, and Joy. The activity was designed for faculty to intentionally reflect on their higher-stakes written course assignments and directly incorporate effective, equitable, and affirming premises. This effort demonstrates and furthers the work of First-Year Experience (FYE) and English faculty to “decolonize” the curriculum, under the leadership of Assistant Professor of English and Area Coordinator for Writing Dr. Meghan Gilbert-Hickey and FYE Program Coordinator and Professor of English Dr. Dan Collins. The College’s institutional investment in student-centered, culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy, and best practices focused on equity is well-documented within the digital Center for Practice, Technology, and Innovation (CPTI).

  • Dr. Meghan Gilbert-Hickey Co-Edits Race In Young Adult Speculative Fiction

    May 20, 2021

    Dr. Meghan Gilbert-Hickey has recently been published as a contributor and  co-editor of the book Race In Young Adult Speculative Fiction by University Press of Mississippi.  Along with Miranda A. Green-Barteet, Dr. Hickey present an anthology of essays that examine the unfolding genre of speculative fiction and of systemic racism and discrimination that have been embedded yet overlooked within these narratives.  This anthology features the contributions of Malin Alkestrand, Joshua Yu Burnett, Sean P. Connors, Jill Coste, Meghan Gilbert-Hickey, Miranda A. Green-Barteet, Sierra Hale, Kathryn Strong Hansen, Elizabeth Ho, Esther L. Jones, Sarah Olutola, Alex Polish, Zara Rix, Susan Tan, and Roberta Seelinger Trites.

  • Guttman, BMCC, and SLU Leadership Awarded BT2P’s The Way Forward Grant for CUNY Curricular Excavation Project

    May 20, 2021

    As part of its The Way Forward initiative, Bringing Theory to Practice (BT2P) has awarded one of only 15 “Multi-Institutional Grants (MIGs) that bring the core values and best practices of undergraduate education to bear on the need for change” to the CUNY Curricular Excavation Project. This collaboration between CUNY’s Guttman Community College, Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), and the School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) “will employ Culturally Responsive Pedagogy during a summer faculty professional development institute for all three campuses as a way to improve the success of community college students as they move through transfer toward a baccalaureate degree.” Guttman’s Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs Dr. Nicola Blake and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Niesha Ziehmke are Co-Principal Investigators of the Project with Dr. Gladys Palma de Schrynemakers, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at SLU. “BT2P launched The Way Forward initiative in fall 2020 as a response to the current intersecting crises facing American society and higher education – systemic racism, the pandemic, and economic inequality.” As Guttman, BMCC, and SLU are all members of the forthcoming Urban Academy transfer partnership, addressing equity through the Project will have lasting and critical impact on the educational and career trajectories of students historically underserved and underrepresented within higher education.

  • Dr. Kim’s Students and Research Mentees Present at 68th Annual NY American Chemical Society Undergraduate Research Symposium

    May 19, 2021

  • Guttman Statistics Faculty and Students Present Paper at National Numeracy Network 2020-2021 Annual Meeting

    May 19, 2021

    Guttman Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Marla A. Sole and her students Tamika Daley and Mendel Batashvili presented the paper “Never miss a teachable moment: How to cultivate statistical literacy and time-management traits that foster success” at the National Numeracy Network 2020-2021 Annual Meeting, held virtually February 26-28, 2021. According to the abstract, the presentation was on “a class project designed to investigate media claims that teens have changed their sleeping habits in response to the pandemic.” Guttman students Tamika Daley and Mendel Batashvili spoke about the research they and their peers conducted to collect “robust evidence to support or refute… the validity of claims made,” as well as what they learned from the project, both mathematically and personally. These gains, made through students “engaging… in meaningful, authentic investigations,” model how rigorous empirical methods can create a deeper grasp of statistics.

  • Human Services Program Coordinator Named Transformative Learning in the Humanities Faculty Fellow 2021-2022 and Organizes Workshop on Nature-Based Learning

    May 12, 2021

    Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Human Services Dr. Nicole Kras has been awarded the Transformative Learning in the Humanities Fellowship, part of an important three-year CUNY-based initiative funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. With her cohort of 2021-2022 THL Faculty Fellows, Dr. Kras will share and develop active, creative, and participatory practices as well as “pedagogical research and methods designed for the rich diversity of CUNY students,” ensuring their success in and beyond the classroom. While prioritizing the importance of teaching, the grant supports CUNY faculty in the humanities, arts, and interpretive social sciences who are committed to equity and social and racial justice. Guttman Associate Professor of Anthropology Dr. Kristina Baines and Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies Dr. Grace Pai were also named THL Faculty Fellows for this, the fellowship’s culminating cycle.

  • Diferentes Pero Iguales

    May 5, 2021

    Magdaline, Pena-Villa is a 1st-year student majoring in Liberal Arts – Science and Math. “What inspired me to do this piece was the experience I had when I first went to a New York school. I was treated with racism by students. I wrote a story that people can relate to or get to feel connected with the person in the story. For example, many people who are going through a similar experience of racism as what the girl named Madelin went through in the story, they will feel connected with the character in the story. I also want people who mistreat others because of their skin color and their language to understand what that person feels when treating them with a difference. I am proud to let people know that we are all the same regardless of our skin color. I know that these words I said need to be heard, especially in the United States.”

  • Diversity in a World of Inequality

    May 5, 2021

    Kyla Landicho is a 2nd-year student majoring in Human Services. “I want people to recognize that it takes a community and any individual to make a difference by acknowledging the steps one can take to amplify diversity, equity and acting upon them. It can start with people beholding the intersectionality and complexities many individuals in our society experience. As stated in the piece I have shared, from research to practice, we can achieve diversity.”

  • What It’s Like Being a Black, Gay and Non-Binary Person

    May 5, 2021

    Julian Joseph is a 2nd-year student majoring in Liberal Arts – Social Science & Humanities. “I have always wanted to share my voice with people and to those who are not ready to speak out for themselves. I think this is a good idea because I love being part of the queer community and being who I am. I think that people should be proud of who they are and be grateful that they are alive and here. I always say to myself that things will get better. It is always good to learn things from your past especially dealing with homophobia.”