Reopening Plan

1. A: Introduction

The Reopening Committee of Stella and Charles Guttman Community College is pleased to present the College’s All-Phase Reopening Plan. As detailed below, all constituencies of the College have representation on the Reopening Committee. Our plan addresses all four stages of reopening, but recognizes that the vast majority of Guttman students, faculty, and staff will probably continue online instruction and remote working through the Spring 2021 semester.

Guttman’s Reopening Committee is dedicated to honoring two overarching principles: (1) our deep responsibility to protect the health and safety of all members of the Guttman community and (2) our hope to enable a gradual in-person reopening of services and supports that our students need in order to be successful academically. We are influenced by this fact: Guttman is the only CUNY community college that is not borough specific. We draw students, faculty, and staff from all five Manhattan boroughs and surrounding urban and suburban locations in New Jersey, Connecticut, and nearby Westchester, Orange, Duchess, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. Many in the Guttman community have lengthy commutes on city and regional public transportation, which exposes them to greater risk of infection.

This plan incorporates sections of the Initial Site Access Plan that were approved in August 2020, and it also presents the definitions, processes, and procedures we will use to accomplish an eventual staged reopening.  The documents that outline the expectations Guttman must satisfy throughout its phased reopening are:

*** Campus policies and procedures described herein may be revised based upon experiences, health conditions, information and guidance from NYS, NYC, CUNY, the CDC and the DOH.

Members of the Guttman Reopening Committee:

President’s Office:
Linda Merians, Chief of Staff, convener
Gareth Williams, Confidential Executive Associate

Public Safety:
Anastasia Koutsidis, Director of Public Safety, Coronavirus Campus Coordinator and Campus Liaison

Human Resources:
Nila Bhaumik, Executive Director for HR Elie Yoesoep, Associate Director for HR

Joanna Wisniewski, Communication and College Relations Manager

Administration and Finance:
Mary Coleman, Vice President, Administration and Finance

Office of Academic Affairs:
Niesha Ziehmke, Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Office of Admissions:
Sophea Sainsurin, Director of College Admissions

Office of Student Engagement:
Nestor Melendez, Director of Campus Life
Bindi Patel, Deputy to Vice President for Student Engagement

Office of AccessABILITY
Crystal M. Vazquez, Associate Director

Information Systems:
John D. Stroud, AVP Technology and Information Systems

The Center for College Effectiveness:
Elisa Hertz, Assistant Dean for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning

Shirley Law, Facilities Planning Director

Library/Information Commons:
Eke Williams, Assistant Director, Library Operations

Marcia Edwards, Clinical Professor of Human Services
Karla Fuller, Associate Professor of Biology

PSC Representative:
Alia Tyner-Mullings, Associate Professor of Sociology and Guttman PSC Chapter Chair

PSC Health and Safety Committee Representative:
Angie Sadhu, Manager of Special Projects, the Center for College Effectiveness

Student Government Association:
Jeraine Nieves, President for 2020-2021

The plan is subject to change as per future CUNY policy and/or guidance.