Sample Cleaning Chart
Date Time Name Signature Scope of Cleaning/Disinfection


1. Gloves (non-latex)
a. At all Public Safety locations
b. At all reception areas
c. In all mailrooms and receiving areas
d. Wall mounted in all shared spaces including computer labs, in all shared offices, bursar, registrar, financial aid, admissions etc…
e. Campus trades as they will be working in public areas

2. Face Coverings for staff (as per NYS Executive Order)
a. Each campus will determine the supply need based on
i. Employee count actually coming to work and frequency of coming to campus
1. To be distributed at least once per week per employee
a. In a manner suitable to the campus based on size and need
b. Reorder 3 months in advance of low stock to accommodate for shipping and stock
c. To be ordered at 6 month intervals
d. To be distributed via Public Safety at points of entry
i. Initials required per mask on spreadsheet of employees as needed

3. N95 masks for Public Safety for response to incidents

4. Goggles for any staff who comes in contact with the public
a. Reception areas
b. Public Safety
c. All trades on campus

5. Full face shields
a. For response by Public Safety to medical incidents
i. Where bodily fluid is involved

6. Plexiglas
a. Public Safety entrance desks
b. All administrative offices open to the public
c. Library circulation desks
d. Bursar
e. Reception areas
f. Other areas that deal with students or the public face to face

7. Gowns for Public Safety
a. Response to medical incidents

8. Hand sanitizing stations (wall mounted) or gallon bottles
a. In all public areas
b. Near elevators
c. In classrooms
d. Computer labs
e. Shared office spaces
f. Entryways
g. SGA rooms
h. Game rooms
i. Library and Information Commons
j. Any other common gathering space
k. Department offices

9. Disinfectant wipes
a. All Public Safety posts
b. All reception areas
c. In classrooms
d. Shared office spaces
e. Computer Labs
f. SGA rooms
g. Game rooms
h. Library and Information Commons
i. Any other common gathering space where surfaces will be shared

10. Thermometers
a. Infrared no touch
b. Each campus will order enough for 2 per entry point to each of their buildings

11. Testing
a. All persons entering the campus will have their temp taken by Public Safety
i. If the temp is over 100 degrees they have the opportunity to retake their temps within the hour of arriving
1. If still over 100 they will be sent home and their name sent to HR

12. Reflective tape for floors marking directions and or 6ft markings

13. Signage
a. Hand washing
b. Sanitizing
c. Cleaning
d. Social distancing generic
i. Also for closed work stations
e. Face mask requirements
i. At entrances posted facing the outside

14. Computer Key Board Covers
a. Enough for two per shared computer in all spaces

15. Mouse Covers
a. Enough for 2 per shared computer in all spaces

16. Caution tape
a. For the event that Public Safety must close off an area

17. Training
a. Necessary training for Public Safety for temperature taking in compliance with whatever policy is written
b. Training for enforcement of any new policies

18. Soap
a. Additional soap for bathrooms should be in stock as it will be used more as people will be washing their hands more frequently

19. Hand towels
a. More frequent hand washing will result in more frequent usage

20. Air Dryers
a. To be disconnected and closed off. Only hand towels will be used.