Part 10: Human Resources

The College has posted information around the campus and its webpages about the recommended CDC guidelines on how to minimize the risk of infection from COVID-19, including but not limited to: hand hygiene, proper face covering wearing, social distancing, and respiratory hygiene. Information will be circulated to all members of the college community on how to don and doff all PPE. In-person trainings can be arraigned by contacting Public Safety on a case-by-case basis. Signage is placed in all public areas of the building with reminders of proper protocols and social distancing requirements inclusive of floor and wall markings.

Use Masks to Help Slow Spread | CDC

Public Safety and Facilities will coordinate campaigns to promote masking inside the building. Ms. Elie Yoesoep, the Campus COVID Coordinator, she will also take a leadership role in this campaign.

Guttman is following CUNY’s flexible work arrangement guidelines, which have been posted in the CUNY’s webpage: flexible work arrangements and remote working.

The information has also been posted in the HR website where employees can access the guidelines and retrieve the CUNY Guttman Remote Work Agreement.

Finally, the Office of Human Resources hosted a virtual session on the Flexible Work Guidelines for managers and supervisors on May 26, 2021 to provide guidance and direction to managers and unit heads as well as answer any questions or concerns they may have. A second virtual session on Flexible Work Arrangement for all Employees (faculty and staff) was held on June 8th and a third one is scheduled for June 22nd. As more guidance is forthcoming, there is a plan to host another session in mid-July for all staff.

The Guttman divisions of (1) Student Engagement and Success, (2) Administration and Finance, (3) the President’s Office, and (4) Academic Affairs will play a crucial role in devising in-person and remote work schedules for their staff. These will be informed by CUNY’s Flexible Work Policy guidelines and the Accommodations policy. Senior Staff members are in discussions with their divisions and units about the feasibility of staggered work schedules and/or an employee’s need for accommodation.  Moreover, they have asked their teams to consider the following:

  • For each office in your unit, identify which service(s) could potentially continue remotely, in hybrid format, or that need to return to fully onsite when the College reopens.
  • For each service identified as capable of being delivered in hybrid format or fully onsite only, what is the minimum number of days per week they would need to be on campus?
  • What kind of schedule can you build for team members that would observe social distancing restrictions for the physical space as well as the comfort level of the employee to return to campus?
  • What additional resources/training would your unit(s) need to support longer-term remote/hybrid work?

Each department has submitted plans to the divisional vice presidents on staffing and scheduling as the College plans to reopen. These plans outline what services will continue remotely and what will be required to be conducted in-person.

Guttman is in the process of a gradual return to campus.  Staff and faculty schedules have been devised to serve students both in-person and virtually.