Part 11: Prioritization of Instructional Activities

When the campus begins to reopen, planning considerations for teaching modalities will reflect the CUNY Guidelines for Safe Campus Reopening, the physical limitations of the campus (i.e., capacity for social distancing in a vertical campus; and, accessibility issues), the campus resources, pedagogical concerns, faculty and student needs and preferences, and the health, safety and wellbeing of our community members. Guided by these considerations, instruction will be offered in in-person class formats and online modalities at differing rates.   As stated earlier, first-year classes are being prioritized over continuing class for some level of in-person instruction; however, the College is planning to host two Houses (these will be Houses 2 and 5) for incoming students online.  We are concerned to offer that option for one semester to allow first-year students more time to be vaccinated.  Here again is the schedule for both Fall 1 and Fall 2:

Fall 1:  September 9-December 16, 2021

Hybrid modality:  116 sections or 66% of all offerings
In-Person modality:  4 sections or 2% of all offerings
Online modality:  55 sections or 31% of all offerings

Fall 2: January 3-February 22, 2022

Hybrid modality:  6 sections or 10% of all offerings
In-person modality:  52 sections or 85% of all offerings
Online modality:  3 sections or 5% of all offerings

The Office of the Registrar, the Office of Student Engagement, the Communications team, and the AccessABILITY office will continue to inform students of the relevant class modalities to ensure students can make informed decisions while maintaining their academic momentum.

All classes are held within the classrooms at 50 West 40th street.  These spaces are used solely for instruction, and not for extracurricular activities with the exception of room 401 and 510.  Both rooms will be unavailable during the times that courses are being held, and reserving these spaces for non-instructional activities will only be permitted if impact to the instructional use of the space is not negatively impacted.  This includes time to configure the space back into a functioning classroom environment as well.