Part 13: Communications

As stated earlier, the College has mounted a robust campaign to encourage vaccination. Any CUNY COVID-related policy and protocol updates will be communicated to the Guttman community via email, the student newsletter, the Guttman Gazette (a newsletter for staff and faculty), and the Guttman website.

Per CUNY guidance and policy, the College’s Reopening Plan will be posted on the College website in several places:

Copies of the current Reopening Plan will be posted on the web.  Paper copies of the Reopening Plan will be posted on every floor of the campus and in the Library and  Suite 706.

On campus, signage will be posted to remind individuals to adhere to proper hygiene, social distancing rules, appropriate use of PPE, and cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Examples are included in the appendix.

Communication of Campus Closure

If the College’s campus is forced to close due to an incident on campus or a CUNY or NYC directive, emergency reclosing communications will be disseminated to notify all members of the community of that decision. Messages will include pertinent health and exposure information as needed. Standard messages will be drafted and coordinated by senior leaders, the Communications team, and the Reopening Committee.

Communication modalities will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • All community members: CUNY Alert system; Guttman homepage; updates
  • Administrators, department leaders, faculty, staff: email; virtual forums/town halls
  • Students and parents: email; texting; social media (e.g., Twitter); virtual forums/town halls; website/hotline Alumni: email; website/hotline
  • Local community: email; social media (e.g., Twitter)

College-Created Vehicles for Private or Confidential Concerns

The college has created an anonymous online depot system for reporting unsafe working conditions or any violation of this safety plan: This system will be monitored by the Campus Coronavirus Coordinator/Liaison and the Chief of Staff and reported to the Guttman Reopening Committee and Senior Staff. Complaints about insufficient resources, such as empty sanitizing stations, missing signage, etc. will be routed to and addressed within 48 hours by Facilities.

Complaints about individuals violating the requirements of this safety plan will be routed to the appropriate supervising body, such as the individual’s immediate supervisor, the VP for Student Engagement and or HR. Complaints that call into question the college’s compliance with this safety plan will be immediately routed to the President.

The College has created an email address ( so that any member of the community who has a question or concern can email the Reopening Committee.  The College and the Reopening Committee has consistently communicated this email address to the faculty and staff since the late summer of 2020.