Part 2: Operating Assumptions

Guttman’s Fall 2021 Reopening Plan is predicated on the following set of assumptions arising from the most recent directives from CUNY Central regarding expectations for reopening, vaccination, and testing requirements, as well as the Flexible Work guidelines and the Accommodations policies that CUNY has pledged to honor.  This version of the Reopening Plan has been edited to align with the latest Reopening Guidelines issued by CUNY on September 17, 2021.   When CUNY issues new guidelines, we will adjust our College’s plan on an as-needed basis.

  • All ventilation and air circulation concerns at 50 W 40th street must and will be addressed to meet recommended standards for quality, either via improved fresh air circulation or improved filtration of recirculated air. As of September 23, this work has been completed.
  • Union Walk-Through: First walk-through occurred on August 12, 2021. A second walk-through will be scheduled after the work in the Library, Mezzanine and Game Room is completed. HR Executive Director Nila Bhaumik will serve as the chair and point person of a subcommittee that is charged with reaching out and responding to union representatives who want to tour the building.  Other members of this subcommittee are:  Mary Coleman (VP for Finance and Administration); Lori Fox (Guttman counsel); Shirley Law (Guttman Facilities staff); and, Rufus Massiah, Director of Public Safety.  The College’s campus PSC lead, Maggie Dickinson, will also serve on this subcommittee.
  • Guttman has reached an understanding with Brian Peterson (Graduate Center) that testing will be available at the Graduate Center for unvaccinated Guttman faculty, staff, and students or those who are unable or refuse to show evidence of vaccination. Students and employees who must be tested on a continuing basis can go to a CUNY location of their choice.  See the testing policy on the CUNY website.
  • Until further notice, mask wearing will be required of all occupants of shared spaces, including the Library, restrooms, hallways, elevators, lounges, office spaces, and classrooms at the 50 W 40th building.