Part 3: Reopening Thresholds: Determining the Extent of Reopening

Every administrative department has created work schedules to accommodate the personnel who will be working onsite.  Staff have submitted their requests for flexible work schedules to their supervisors and reasonable accommodation to HR.

In relation to the academic enterprise, please note that Guttman follows a 12/6 calendar, which stretches the Fall semester from September to the end of February.  Guttman is planning to welcome a significant number of first-year students back to campus. Students will alternate days on campus and off-campus, with at least 1.5 hours of on-campus, classroom-based instruction for each 3-hour section they are enrolled in.  Guttman’s decision-making for the fall schedule was based on a comprehensive analysis of student outcomes, with a focus placed on courses that have proven to have the greatest impact on student success.

In early spring 2021, the Office of Academic Affairs created a Fall 2021 schedule that provided for all First-Year Experience (FYE) courses to be on campus when safe conditions permit. Before the Governor announced the vaccination mandate and before the Chancellor published his May 13 statement, Guttman had listed 234 class sections on CUNYfirst for both Fall 1 and Fall 2, of which 158 (or 67%) were coded as In-Person Hybrid and 76 (or 32%) are coded as fully online.

Since the Chancellor’s May 13 memo, the Provost’s Office has led a review of the section offerings and, working with the faculty, have recoded 21 Fall 1 classes from online to hybrid.  As of now, for Fall 1, 116 sections (or 66%) are hybrid, with all having in-person components.  4 sections or (2%) are fully in-person, and 55 (or 31%) will be online. Among the online sections will be one House (approximately 90 students) for incoming unvaccinated students, because we feel we must protect our enrollment by offering such an option for the Fall 1 semester.  To summarize, of the 175 sections now scheduled for Fall 1, 120 (or 69%) have an in-person element.

This percentage goes up considerably for the Fall 2 term, which begins on January 3, 2022.  95% of all sections will have an in-person element; the far majority of Guttman classes are now scheduled as in-person, with 52 (or 85%) as fully in-person.  6 sections (or 10%) are coded as hybrid, and 3 sections (or 5%) will be online.  All first-year students will be expected to be able to participate in in-person classes by the start of Fall 2 on January 3, 2022.

For the Fall 1 and 2 terms, the College will not need to employ classrooms at CUNY’s School for Labor and Union Studies.

Although it is no longer a New York State requirement, CUNY will continue to monitor campus infection rates using the shutdown thresholds previously set by the State.  Whenever the lesser of 100 individuals or 5% of the total on-campus population—inclusive of students, faculty, and staff—of a CUNY campus test positive for COVID-19 within a rolling 14-day period, CUNY Central Office will consult with campus leadership to determine the best course of action for scaling back campus activity.  Provided, however, that if CUNY’s surveillance testing program tests an average of at least 25% of a total on-campus population for COVID-19 each week, CUNY shall not be required to transition to remote learning or to limit on-campus activities unless the greater of 100 individuals or 5% of the total on-campus population test positive using a 14-day rolling average.

In addition, CUNY and campuses will continue to monitor community spread and adhere to CDC guidance in determining any additional safety protocols required for safe, in-person operations.