Part 5: Vaccinations

Guttman has created a robust communication system to encourage all members of our community to be vaccinated, and is doing its part in promoting vaccinations, via email and social media. In addition, we are providing information on the College’s coronavirus website as to where a qualified member of the community and their families may get a vaccination. The College has collaborated fully with the Central Office on the #VaxUp CUNY social media campaign and adapted it to our students by offering incentives for those who vaccinate.

Every week, the digital student newsletter encourages students to understand the benefits of the vaccine, information on how to get vaccinated, and CUNY’s potential requirement for vaccinations to attend in-person classes.  Additionally, the bi-weekly faculty and staff newsletter regularly includes updated information on the availability of vaccines to faculty and staff, with resources on where and how to get vaccinated.

The Reopening Committee hosted a Town Hall meeting with students on May 3.  Professor Karla Fuller spoke to the UMOC group on May 4, 2021. On June 2, Dr. Fuller moderated a panel discussion geared to students and other members of the community to present them with vaccine information.  The other panelists were a Guttman student and two staff from CUNY’s School of Public Health.   All the information on vaccines is also just a click away on our Vax Up/Coronavirus Information website.

As per CUNY policy, unvaccinated Guttman students will not be allowed on campus after October 7 unless they have received a medical exemption or a religious exception.  Read the CUNY vaccination policy.