Part 6: Prioritization of Instructional Activities

Guttman has additional space constraints and ventilation issues beyond the social distancing requirements that impact operationalizing a 100% in-person or hybrid schedule at this time.  All technologies to enable hybrid instruction are in place and functioning.

Guttman has a great concern to protect its enrollment for Fall 2021, and so we will offer incoming students the opportunity to participate in online synchronous courses if they are not vaccinated in time for the start of the Fall 1 term on Thursday, September 9, 2021.

The College’s Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) has revised the original schedule that appeared in CUNYfirst for Fall pre-registration to ensure that a higher percentage of classes will be hybrid and have an in-person component from the start of the term.

Fall 1:  September 9-December 16, 2021

Hybrid modality:  116 sections or 66% of all offerings
In-Person modality:  4 sections or 2% of all offerings
Online modality:  55 sections or 31% of all offerings

Fall 2: January 3-February 22, 2022

Hybrid modality:  6 sections or 10% of all offerings
In-person modality:  52 sections or 85% of all offerings
Online modality:  3 sections or 5% of all offerings