Part 8: Continued Adherence to Public Health Requirements

All individuals on campus must wear acceptable face coverings whenever in public spaces at the college, or in laboratories, offices, or other facilities where multiple occupants are present – whenever they are not working in individual spaces on campus. Individual operations (laboratories, multiple person offices, etc.) that deem that mask use will inhibit work may submit safety plans allowing individuals to remove masks while in those facilities as long as a minimum of 6 or 3 ft. distancing is maintained.

Masks will be worn throughout all class meetings by everyone.  Vaccinated professors may remove masks while teaching if there is adequate social distancing; however, students must wear masks throughout a class period.

***If an individual cannot don a face covering of any kind that person may not enter the campus and will receive the appropriate accommodations for remote learning, teaching, and or working as needed.

Public Safety will provide masks to any faculty, student, or staff member that does not have one. Any Guttman affiliates will be permitted to use their own acceptable face coverings but will be provided with one at no cost as needed. The College will keep an inventory of masks that will be sufficient for a 3-month period. Additional mask orders will be purchased when inventory falls below the 3-month supply.  The College will continue working with vendors that have procurement lead times that meet our requirements.

Acceptable face coverings include but are not limited to cloth masks (e.g. homemade sewn, quick cut, bandana), surgical masks, and face shields (if used without a mask, shields should wrap around the sides of the wearer’s face and extend below the chin). However, cloth, disposable or homemade face coverings are not acceptable for workplace activities that require a higher degree of protection for PPE due to the nature of the work (e.g. if working with flammable materials or chemicals, ensure face coverings are flame resistant). Masks provided by the College will be discarded after use and will not be shared; receptacles will be placed around the facility for disposal of soiled items, including PPE. The COVID- 19 training videos will include how to don, doff, clean and discard PPE.

Measures will be put into place to limit the sharing of objects, such as equipment, machinery, materials, and vehicles, as well as the touching of shared surfaces, such as touchscreens or equipment. When such objects must be shared, individuals will be required to wear gloves or to perform hand hygiene before and after contact.

Guttman will adhere to hygiene, cleaning and disinfection requirements as advised by the CDC and DOH.  Alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol is available for areas where hand-washing facilities are not available or practical. Hand sanitizer will be placed at the entrance/exit and elevators. Restrooms include sinks with running water, disposable paper towels, and a lined garbage can. Facilities has soap on hand and additional sanitizer stations and refills on order. Signage will be placed near hand sanitizer dispensers indicating that soiled hands should be washed with soap and water; hand sanitizer is not effective on visibly soiled hands.

Newly enhanced cleaning protocols have been drawn up by the Public Safety Director and Building Management, including protocols for high-touch areas, and will be implemented as the college community returns to campus. Cleaning and disinfection, including restrooms, will be conducted by Building staff on a regular basis, with more frequent cleaning and disinfection for high-risk areas used by many individuals and for frequently touched surfaces, using registered disinfectants on the Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) list of products identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as effective against COVID- 19 and following CDC and NYSDOH recommendations.

Cleaning and disinfection will be rigorous and ongoing and, when possible, will occur at least after each shift, daily, or more frequently as needed. Logs that include the date, time, and scope of cleaning and disinfection will be maintained for common areas and individual classroom and laboratory spaces.

The Facilities Director will serve as the point person to direct the building staff as to the spaces that need to be cleaned after any faculty/staff or students have been in the building. She will also review the cleaning logs as necessary. A log sheet has also been placed on each door in the building to ensure that a note has been made after each entry of the space that has been cleaned. The building’s facility and cleaning staff have been at the College throughout the COVID-19 pause, tending to all facets of all buildings, as per usual protocols.

In the event an individual who has accessed campus is confirmed to have COVID-19, affected areas will be closed off, cleaned and disinfected. Additional cleaning and disinfection will include, at minimum, all heavy transit areas and high-touch surfaces (e.g. lab tables, elevators, facility entrances, badge scanners, restrooms handrails, equipment, door). Cleaning and disinfection will be overseen by the Director of Facilities consistent with CDC Guidelines on “Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility.”

At this time in the College’s planning for Fall I 2021, we are not planning any in-person co-curricular programming because of space limitations and current protocols. All students involved in non-essential gatherings will be hosted remotely or will be held all outdoors.  Food will not be served at student-focused campus events.

Extracurricular programs and activities will be considered non-essential gatherings and we will continue to host events remotely or fully outdoors. As CUNY Guidance is received, we may add off-campus events at NYC venues that have opened up in adherence to the revised CDC/NYS guidelines such as sporting events or Broadway shows.

As stated earlier, College committees will continue to meet virtually during the summer and throughout Fall 1.

If any member of the campus community feels that the College is not honoring the campus protocols stated above, they should communicate their concerns without any fear of retribution.  To that end, the college has created an anonymous online depot system for reporting unsafe working conditions or any violation of this safety plan: This system will be monitored by the Campus Coronavirus Coordinator/Liaison and the Chief of Staff and reported to the Guttman Reopening Committee and Senior Staff. Complaints about insufficient resources, such as empty sanitizing stations, missing signage, etc. will be routed to and addressed within 48 hours by Facilities.

Complaints about individuals violating the requirements of this safety plan will be routed to the appropriate supervising body, such as the individual’s immediate supervisor, the VP for Student Engagement and or HR. Complaints that call into question the college’s compliance with this safety plan will be immediately routed to the President.

The College has created an email address ( so that any member of the community who has a question or concern can email the Reopening Committee.