Part 9: Facility Preparations

The College is located at 50 West 40th Street, and is rented from Allied Partners. Building custodial and maintenance staff are contracted by Allied and are not CUNY employees.

Entrance & Exit

The College has only one front entrance and exit. There is a back entrance to the building located on 39th St.; it has never been used by the general community, and it is designated as an emergency exit only.


The building includes one service elevator and two elevators for members of the community, and only two provide access to the basement level and throughout the seven floors.  The community elevators currently have a maximum capacity of two passengers with 3’ social distancing.  When campus is restricted to a fully vaccinated and/or tested faculty/staff and student population, we can increase capacity at an appropriate time.  However, we will continue to limit elevator occupancy until further notice and we will continue to require all people to wear masks at all times while riding the elevators until the COVID emergency has concluded.


The building has two narrow stairwells; one at the front of the building and one at the rear.  We will expect and encourage all members of the Guttman community to remain fully masked when negotiating these shared spaces.


All hallways from the basement to the seventh floor receive fresh air.  Building engineers are now determining the amount of fresh air that is entering each floor. That being said, the hallways themselves are extremely narrow; the majority of them are not wide enough for consistent 3’ or 6’ social distancing if students use them to congregate. Signage will be utilized to discourage students from congregating in the hallways between classes or while utilizing student support services.


Restrooms are available on every floor.  We will continue to limit capacity in restrooms for the time being.  Once the return to campus begins, we will monitor the waiting time and make any changes as appropriate.  All users of the restrooms will be expected to wear a mask while they are in the facilities.  Paper towels, soap, and hand sanitizers will be utilized for hand washing and drying; all air blowers will be disabled.

Office Spaces

There are very few individual offices on Guttman’s campus. Only senior staff and some director-level administrators have private offices, and those who have them might unmask while in them alone.  However, the far majority of Guttman faculty and staff have cubicles in shared-space offices that will require them to be masked.

There are 10 repurposed classrooms that house faculty and student-facing staff in the above-mentioned cubicles, one multi-purpose space for Student Engagement, Institutional Research, and other staff who sit in cubicles [known as the “Mezz”], and a “Hub” area that includes Registrar, Financial Aid, Admissions, and the Bursar’s Office in open cubicles or small offices that house several staff. Information Technology staff are housed in one small repurposed classroom, also with cubicles for the staff. In pre-COVID days, this room (#304) is where students would go to pick up technology.

Divisions in the College have created schedules so that staff come to the building on a staggered basis in Fall 1.  All offices will be covered to support students both in-person and remotely.

Classrooms at 50 West 40th St.

The College will plan to use 14 classrooms at the 50 W 40th St. location.  Pre-pandemic, the College used rooms 401 and 510 as event and meeting spaces, but they can be utilized as classrooms in the Fall to maximize the number of course sections that can be offered in-person and at near regular capacity.  In Fall 1, the College will be using pre-existing classrooms.

Lower-level Spaces

The basement level includes the Public Safety Offices, the Guttman Connects Center and Food Pantry, one classroom (006), one computer lab (007), two student lounges, a Student Government Association room, male and female restrooms and an ADA single restroom, and three staff offices.

HVAC and Ventilation System at Guttman Community College 

All areas of the Guttman campus are now fully compliant with CUNY and CDC COVID guidelines.

There are approximately 145 smaller P-Tech console units throughout the building, which have used MERV 2 filters in the past, and there are 8 larger units that have used MERV 8 filters.  MERV 13 filters are used in all these units.

Barriers in place:

Currently the following spaces have permanently affixed barriers in place:

  1. The Information Commons Desk
  2. The Public Safety Desk

Moveable barriers are in stock on campus for the HUB, Bursar’s Office, and any area where public- and student-facing services are offered. Members of the Guttman community should speak with Shirley Law to request a moveable barrier.

The College does not have any outdoor space that can be maximized to facilitate a safe return to campus.