Amplifying Student Voices

“Amplifying Student Voices” is a unique student-run online space designed to provide ALL Guttman Grizzlies with a platform to share their stories; promote equity, diversity and inclusion; and engage peers in developing individual and community wellness. Using different mediums of expressions – ranging from short stories, to essays, to poems, to videos, to artwork, to photography, to recipes – we welcome student submissions in 3 areas:

    • Amplifying our Diversity
    • Amplifying Social Justice
    • Amplifying our Health & Wellness

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Amplifying Our Diversity

Who am I and who are we:
A person’s identity can be defined by one’s race, class, gender, sexuality, geography, age, disability, language, immigration status, interests and lifestyle. Click here to view work that celebrates the diverse backgrounds of Grizzlies.

Amplifying Social Justice

How to help society and the world:
Social justice entails ensuring equal rights and equitable opportunities for all by improving the lives of groups who have been historically and/or are currently marginalized. Click here to view work that showcases Grizzlies’ opinions, perspectives and activism on social justice issues like systemic racism, climate justice, police brutality, food insecurity, LGBTQ+ rights, educational inequalities, and more.

Amplifying Our Health & Wellness

Health and wellness involves ensuring the social, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing of ourselves and each other. Click here to view articles with tips, workout guides/videos, meditation clips, recipes, etc. on how to enhance your overall wellbeing.

January 11, 2021

Meme Series: Night of the Living Dead as an Allegory for the Events of the Civil Rights Movement

Kai Pena-Chavez is a 2nd-year student majoring in Liberal Arts – Social Science & Humanities. “Fear is a universal emotion, one that reflects our cultural values. My submission aims to examine Night of the Living Dead (1968) as a racial allegory that encapsulates the violence and social tensions in America during the Civil Rights Movement.”

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January 11, 2021

Easy Recipe for Chilaquiles Verdes

Natalia Damian is a 2nd year student majoring in Human Services. “This dish was meant to be super easy and fun to make. I wanted to show a recipe that people may not know of because it is not as common as tacos or tamales which are more popular Mexican foods. I wanted to express my culture by showing a meal that does not take up a lot of time.”

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January 11, 2021

Two Teachers: One Classroom

Sarah McGuire is a 2nd-year student majoring in Business Administration. “When I was a freshman at Guttman, I learned about this lesson called Single Stories that was taught by Dr. Bahl. I decided that the topic discussed on this submission “Two Teachers One Classroom” was worth sharing because it is something that I have always felt ever since I was in middle school.”

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January 11, 2021

A Tiny Space

Elsy Rosario is a 2nd-year student majoring in Human Services. “A Tiny Space” was written when I was in a place of darkness. My mind was so stuck on the memory of my true home, Dominican Republic, where I can be free, and happy. These memories came to me at the beginning of confinement due to COVID-19. I was craving to go out and live normally again, but that was impossible and still is. I chose to express what I was thinking and feeling in this poem.”

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