SGA Elections

GCC SGA Elections, May 3-May 7
Questions? Please contact Nestor Melendez, Director of Student Leadership & Campus Life, at

The Candidates


Bashir for President

Hello, my name is Bassrou Juwara, known as Bashir. I was born and raised in Gambia, West Africa, a multi-tribal country, and can speak fluently in four different languages. Si, yo hablo Español!

I enrolled in Bronx International Community High School to pursue a career in Political Science, where I was known for my advocacy of equity. As a result, I joined the Student Government and became the student body president in my senior year. My dream has been to become a U.S. Senator and work for the United Nations to deliver the message of the power of multiculturalism.

My previous leadership experiences have allowed me to develop a unique perspective about leadership, and how as a community we can better ourselves. The philosophy and sociology courses I have taken allowed me to gain critical thinking skills and understand the functionalism of society.

As a prospective president, I will work to make improvements ensuring academic preparation ahead of transferring to senior college, students’ engagements to available opportunities and resources. Most importantly, I will be a president who serves the students’ interests!

Vice President

Lara for Vice President

Hello, my name is Lara Ataker, first year Guttman Community College student, and Liberal Arts major who moved to New York three years ago from Istanbul. My hobbies are fashion design, traveling, tennis, and volleyball. What I love the most is watching anime and Korean dramas.

I’m currently running for Vice President and College Councill to help Guttman students as much as possible. My goal is to give students a voice and motivate them to become the best version of themselves. As a multi-lingual student, I can speak French, Turkish, and a little bit of Korean, I believe I can connect with and relate to our student body.

We’re going through many hardships because of the pandemic, so if you ever need to talk to someone for any reason, I’m here to support you and give you my advice. I love meeting new people and having new friendships, so feel free to email me:


Lilian for Secretary

Hola, my name is Lilian Andeliz, a Dominican, first-generation college student and a member of the National Society for Leadership & Success. I am running for Secretary of the SGA, FSDC, Planning and Budget Committee, and College Council for the Student Government Association.

My plan is to create a healthy and fun environment to make every student feel welcomed. Supporting students and helping them in their needs through these difficult times is my goal. are Some words that define me are creative, initiative, and dedicated and I believe these will help me create an amazing experience at Guttman for you.


Fatima for Treasurer

Fatima ShakeelHello everyone, my name is Fatima, and I am a freshman at Guttman. My major is Business Administration. I was born in Pakistan and moved to NY when I was 15. I am the second person in my family to attend college away from my home. I am from the Bronx. My hobbies include visiting new places, traveling, painting, reading, and making friends.

My job as treasurer includes being responsible for overseeing the budget for the College, recording the financial expenditures for SGA, and also taking recommendations you guys have to start new clubs.

After Guttman, I plan on transferring to a four-year university to major in architecture. My goal is to become an architect and fulfill all of my dreams. I am also a super friendly person, so if you’re struggling with any problem with your work or mental health, you can always count on me to be there for you.

If you have any concerns or need anyone to talk to, you can always contact me at or I hope we can make Guttman a better place for everyone.


Hridika for Senator

Hello, My name is Hridika Tasnim.I am a first-year Guttman Community College Student and I am majoring in Liberal Arts and Science. I moved to the United States 2 years ago. I know 4 different languages which are Bengali, English, Hindi, and Urdu.

I am currently running for SGA senator. My goal is to support diversity and to provide resources available to my peers. Being multilingual made me realize the importance of having someone who knows your journey and struggle and I am excited to provide any help needed.