HRA Fellowship Program

The HRA Fellowship Program (FP) provides paid work opportunities for eligible CUNY EDGE students. The primary goal of the FP program is to support CUNY EDGE students with meeting HRA compliance requirements while gaining valuable work experience and building their resumes.

Follow these steps if you are assigned to the HRA Fellowship Program.


Step 1:

  • You must be a matriculated student at Guttman Community College
  • You must sign the first and second page of the FIA letter
  • Submit the signed FIA School Enrollment Letter, form (W-700D), to your CUNY EDGE advisor (Tiffany Munoz) via email to
  • Tiffany Munoz, your CUNYEDGE advisor, will complete the form and you will be required to setup a Starfish appointment to review and receive your completed FIA letter
  • After meeting with your CUNY EDGE advisor, you must submit the completed FIA School Enrollment Letter to:

HRA TAG (Training Assessment Group)
Location: 109 East 16th Street
New York, NY 10003

Step 2:

HRA determines your eligibility based on your approved:

  • Classes and homework hours
  • Federal Work Study and approved internships

HRA is responsible for assigning the number of hours per week a student is required to work. Students may be assigned a maximum 19 hours per week.

Step 3:

All eligible students are required to attend the following:

  • HRA Fellowship New Start orientation
  • Research foundation Payroll Orientation
  • At least  1-3 professional development seminars

Fellowship Placement Sites:

  • The CUNY EDGE (CE) advisor will help identify available work opportunities on campus.
  • The CE Advisor screens and matches students to the appropriate sites while taking into consideration their majors, interests, and experience.
  • Students gain invaluable professional experience and build their resumes.
  • Student may also share a work opportunity they are interested in with their CE advisor for Fellowship placement consideration

If your office is interested in hiring an HRA Fellowship student or wants more information, you are welcome to contact the CUNY Edge advisor, Tiffany Munoz, at