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Apply to be a 2021-22 Peer Mentor

Peer Mentoring at Guttman

Mentor Leadership Development

Mentor Leadership Development is a series of workshops during the summer, before you begin working at Guttman, as well as ongoing professional development throughout the year. The workshops are geared to enhance your leadership, teambuilding, and role-specific sills related to your job performance.

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Guttman Peer Mentors support the transition from high school to college and coach students throughout their educational career at Guttman. If you are academically focused, would like to get involved at Guttman in a deeper way, and enjoy assisting your peers inside and outside of the classroom, you should apply to be a Peer Mentor!

A Guttman Peer Mentor is:

  • A confidant, guide, academic resource, coach, role model, and friend.
  • Entrusted with facilitating the care, support, and learning of new and continuing students.
  • Knowledgeable about campus resources, policies, and culture.
  • Willing to share information, experiences, and accomplishments in a non-competitive way.
  • Open, understanding, and approachable.

What we’re looking for in a Peer Mentor:

  • Awareness of the Peer Mentor Position: Knowledge of the position’s responsibilities.
  • Communication: Do you know when to speak up and when to listen?
  • Team Work: Can you work to accomplish tasks within a group of team members?
  • Leadership & Maturity: Do you take initiative?  Are you a strong peer role model?
  • Critical Thinking: Are you able to see issues from multiple perspectives?
  • Cultural Competency: Are you encouraging and supportive toward others’ cultures, identities, and beliefs?
  • Time Management: Can you appropriately prioritize and balance tasks and time restrictions?


In order to qualify for a Peer Mentor position, you must:

  • Have completed 1 year at a CUNY institution by the start of appointment on August 16, 2021.
  • Be a full-time CUNY student during the Fall 21 semester (students graduating mid-year may apply).
  • Have a >2.75 cumulative and >2.5 Fall 2020 semester grade point average or higher for Admissions & Access & First Year Experience (FYE) peer mentor positions.
  • Have a >3.0 cumulative and >2.5 Fall 2020 semester grade point average or higher for Meet-Up peer mentor positions.
  • All Peer Mentors must maintain the required cumulative/semester GPA to maintain employment.

In order to be eligible to be hired as a Peer Mentor, students must:

  • Have a valid Social Security Card; and
  • Have the proper work authorization required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). See the full list of acceptable documents.

If you have questions or concerns about your work authorization status, please contact the Guttman Office of Human Resources at 646-313-8177.

Time Commitment

Please note that in order to accept a Peer Mentor position you must participate in all training days.

  • Applicants must be available to attend Mentor Leadership Development (MLD) sessions 9am-5pm, Monday-Thursday (August 17-21).
    All training days are mandatory. Trainings are paid, and lunch provided daily.
  • Peer Mentors will work 12 hours per week beginning August 26, 2020.
  • Some periods of time will require greater staffing, including evenings and weekends.


This is a part-time position that is compensated in the following ways:

  • Ongoing professional development opportunities including conference/workshop attendance.
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities with Guttman/CUNY faculty and administrative professionals.
  • An hourly wage of $15.
Applying is easy as 1 2 3

Submit your online application

A completed online application includes:

  • General Information
  • 3 Short Answer Responses
  • 2 Professional References (name & contact information only – please do not submit reference letters). References should be current or former faculty, staff, supervisors, or advisors who can speak to your leadership abilities and qualifications for the Peer Mentor position.

Fill Out the Application Form

*You will need a Google account in order to submit your application. Thank you.


Upload your updated résumé:

As part of your application, upload your current résumé. Only PDF files will be accepted.

Please use the following format to name your file: Last.First.Resume (ex: Martinez.Juan.Resume).


Upload your unofficial transcript:

As part of your application, upload your most recent unofficial transcript. Only PDF files will be accepted.

Please use the following format to name your file: Last.First.Transcript (ex: Marinez.Juan.Transcript).

Application Deadline: April 9th at 10:00 pm!

Have questions?

Please note these important dates in the application process.

Save the date for the Group Interviews ( week of May 3-May 7) as they are required in order to advance in the process.

Applications Available Online: Monday, March 8, 2021
Access the application and full position descriptions at:

Nomination Period: March 8-26, 2021
Students, faculty, staff, graduate coordinators, and current Peer Mentors may nominate outstanding Guttman and CUNY students to apply for a Peer Mentor position. Nominees will receive a personalized email encouraging them to submit a Peer Mentor application! Receiving a nomination does NOT exempt students from submitting all required application materials. Please note that students do NOT need to be nominated in order to apply. Submit your nomination(s) here.

Information Sessions: Multiple Days/Times (See Below)
Presentations about the various Peer Mentor roles will be facilitated by professional staff and Peer Mentor representatives. Attendance at an information session is highly recommended for anyone who is considering applying for a position.

Applications Due: Friday, April 9, 2021 by 10:00 pm
All application materials must be submitted electronically by the deadline and can be accessed at

Group Process: May 3-7, 2021
Invited applicants are required to participate in small group interviews via Zoom. Interviews are scheduled to last between 20 and 30 minutes. You will receive further details via email in your individual interview invitation. Some individuals may be called upon for a follow up interview, May 10th-13th.

Decision Letters Sent: Friday, May 21, 2021
Decision letters will be emailed to your Guttman or CUNY email account. You will receive a letter whether or not you are offered a position.

Have questions?

Stop by The Den (105) or email

Students, faculty, staff, graduate coordinators, and peer mentors may nominate outstanding students to apply for a 2021-2022 Guttman Peer Mentor position. Nominees will receive a personalized email encouraging them to submit a Peer Mentor application!

You may use this form to nominate up to four students. Please submit multiple forms to nominate more than four students. Please indicate if we may share your name with the students you nominate.

Nomination Period: March 8- March 26, 2021. Students do NOT need to be nominated in order to apply for a position.