Apply for Graduation

During their final term at Guttman Community College, all candidates for graduation are required to apply for graduation on CUNYfirst by the deadline noted in the Academic Calendar. Applying for graduation is not applying to attend the Commencement Ceremony. Graduation is the official completion of all academic degree requirements. Commencement is the ceremony that celebrates graduation. All students who wish to graduate from Guttman Community College must apply in advance for graduation to receive a degree and diploma. If all graduation requirements are not met by the end of the final term, the student must reapply for graduation during the term they are eligible to graduate. Instructions on how to apply for graduation can be found in the How-Tos/Reference Guides.

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a degree and diploma from Guttman Community College, students must complete the below requirements.

  • Have at least 60 credits applied toward the program of study
  • Successful completion of at least 45 degree credits at Guttman Community College with no more than 9 outside credits applied to the courses in the program of study category
  • Complete two Writing Intensive (WI) courses (ENGL 203, Composition II for all students and one other WI course in the student’s program of study)
  • Achieve a minimum overall GPA of 2.0
  • Pass all CUNY Assessment Tests

For specific graduation requirements in your degree, please check DegreeWorks or consult your Career Strategist. Learn more about how the DegreeWorks online advisement system helps students track their academic progress.

Degrees Awarded

Degrees are awarded four times a year. Dates falling on a Saturday or Sunday, will be moved to the preceding Friday:

SessionDegree Conferral Date
Fall Session 1January 10
Fall Session 2March 7
Spring Session 1June 27
Spring Session 2August 23

The degree conferral date is the date in which the degree will be posted or awarded to the student’s records after successfully completing all graduation requirements. Note that this is not the date when diplomas are to be picked up.

Note: Once a student has been conferred a degree, their degree will be locked and cannot be reverted. Additional classes cannot be taken to be applied towards the conferred degree. If a student on track of graduation does not wish to graduate, they will have to notify the Registrar’s Office via email before the conferral date.


Diplomas will be available for pickup approximately 1-2 months after the degree conferral date. All graduates are notified via their Guttman email when their diploma is ready for pick up at the HUB. Graduates will need to bring a valid photo I.D. for identification purposes. Diplomas will not be released to graduates who have an outstanding balance to the College.

Diplomas can be mailed out to graduates who currently live outside of the five-boroughs of New York City or cannot come in person to pick up their diploma during the designated period. Graduates requesting their diploma to be mailed out must complete the “Diploma Mailing” form. A copy of a valid photo ID is required with the submission of the form. The form can be found under the Forms and Applications page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I graduate if I have an Incomplete (INC) grade in the session that I apply and/or expect to graduate?

Students cannot graduate with an Incomplete (INC) grade on their record. The graduation session would be postponed to the following session if the final grade was not received prior to the conferral date.

Can I graduate without the posting of an ePermit course?

Students cannot graduate with any open grades. All graded courses require a grade posted. ePermit courses must be posted on the student record before the conferral date.

What is the difference between graduation and Commencement?

Graduation is the official completion of all degree requirements (complete at least 60 credits toward the program of study; achieve a minimum overall GPA of 2.0; and pass all CUNY assessment tests). There are four graduation dates each year; one for each session (Fall Session 1, Fall Session 2, Spring Session 1, and Spring Session 2).

Commencement is the ceremony celebrating the completion of degree. This is the social gathering event where family and friends come to celebrate the achievement of graduating. Guttman Community College holds one Commencement per year around the end of Spring Session 1, for the four different graduation dates. For more information about Commencement, visit the Commencement webpage.

What is the difference between a diploma and a degree?

A degree is the academic title given to the student who has completed the degree curriculum. After completion of the degree requirements, the degree will be posted on the student’s records and will show on the student’s transcript and CUNYfirst. Guttman Community College offers two degrees: Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.) and Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.).

A diploma is the physical and official paper document proving the earned degree. All graduates are notified via their Guttman email when their diploma is ready for pick up at the HUB. Graduates will need to bring a valid photo I.D. for identification purposes. Diplomas will not be released to graduates who have an outstanding balance to the College.

What name will show on my diploma?

Diplomas are issued with the legal name on your CUNYfirst record at the time of graduation application. Diplomas will only include your middle initial unless requested otherwise via Guttman email. If there is a discrepancy, please complete a Personal Data Update form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

How can I get a duplicate diploma?

A duplicate diploma costs $30. To request a duplicate diploma, you must complete the Duplicate Diploma Request form and submit the form and payment to the Registrar’s Office. Payment must be received prior to processing the request. Acceptable methods of payment include check or money order payable to Guttman Community College.