Office of the Vice President of Student Engagement

Charles H. Pryor, IIWelcome, Guttman Grizzlies! Student Engagement at Guttman Community College is committed to offering opportunities and programs that will support your personal, professional, and academic growth and development as a life-long learner. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today and Student Engagement serves to support you in that preparation and to deepen the relationship that you have with the college.

A complete collegiate experience combines the academic, co-curricular, the extra-curricular experiences into a comprehensive program, which provides students with the opportunity for growth and skill development inside and outside of the classroom. Student Engagement, consists of multiple units and programs to meet students various needs, and believes in supporting development in academic and social environments. To meet your academic goals, we encourage you to utilize our various academic supports designed to meet students’ individual learning styles early and frequently to stay ahead! Peer Mentors and Tutors offer facilitated group sessions, Meet-Ups and Supplemental Instruction, and one-on-one tutoring, in-person and virtually (eTutoring). Services are available in the Information Commons and appointments can be made on Starfish. Here you can also connect with the other various services that Guttman offers. Read More

Through Student Engagement, there is tremendous opportunities to engage and take steps to enhance your educational experience.  Guttman’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion provides students with programmatic and academic opportunities to engage in dialogue for learning and growth about the perceived differences in our society. Our goal is for you to engage in this conversation and increase your comfort with discourse on varying views and cultures. The College hopes that you will partake in many of the activities and programs; as they are all designed to entertain and enrich your collegiate journey.

Charles H. Pryor II.
Vice President of Student Engagement

Meet the Staff

Charles H. Pryor, II
Vice President of Student Engagement and Student Success/ 646-313-8818

Esperanza Martin
Student Engagement Coordinator/

Rex Agyemang
College Assistant/

Divisional Services

Student Engagement at Guttman Community College encourages, supports, and complements students’ academic success by offering quality services and programs that cultivate student learning. Our team is committed to the development and support of special campus events, personal growth, and academic career progress.

The Office of AccessABILITY Services is dedicated to students with disabilities by providing the opportunity for success and equal access at Stella and Charles Guttman Community College. We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations as outlined by Federal and State law. We also strive to create an inclusive, safe and respectful environment. By promoting awareness, knowledge and equity, we aspire to impact positive change within individuals and the campus community.

Crystal Vasquez/ Associate Director of AccessABILITY/ 646-313-8812

Through the Academic Advising and Student Support office, students in the first-year are guided by a Student Success Advocate (SSA), who helps make a smooth transition to college life by providing support through one-on-one meetings and engagement in a weekly advising seminar called Learning about Being a Successful Student (LaBSS). After the first year, continuing students work with a Career Strategist, who support progress toward completing a degree, and transition into a baccalaureate program and/or career.

Victoria Romero/ Associate Director, Academic Advising / 646-313-8843

The Office of Academic Testing is responsible to administer, and keep secure, the CUNY Assessment Tests, the CEAFE and the Ability to Benefit Test (ATB). The office is also responsible to provide test results to faculty and staff on campus requiring information to guide the classroom experience.

Charles H. Pryor, II/ Academic Testing Director/ 646-313-8269

The Office of Student Leadership & Campus Life (SL&CL) provides students with many opportunities to develop leadership skills while contributing to the academic, social, and cultural environment of the College.  Leadership programming supports student preparation for professional and community responsibilities through immersion and engagement on and off-campus.

Nestor Melendez/ Director of Campus Life/ 646-313-8121

Peer Mentoring is designed to enhance the in-class and co-curricular student experience at Guttman. Peer Mentors lead Admissions events, support classes in the First Year Experience and Programs of Study, hold academic support sessions known as Meet-Ups, and facilitate Transfer Bridge activities to encourage continued success at the senior college.

Andrew Bennett/ Director of Mentoring/ 646-313-8163

The Connect Center provides services and resources to help students address barriers that prevent them from attending and completing school. We provide this service in collaboration with both internal and external partners. All of the services offered at Single Stop are free for students and their families.

Dana LePage/ Connect Center Manager/ 646-313-8064
Samantha Gregoire-James/ Connect Center Administrative Coordinator/ 646-313-8857

Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct (OSC) promotes a safe and secure community and enforces City University of New York rules and regulations through civility, integrity, and student learning while treating each student with dignity and respect. The Office of Student Conduct treats all students with fairness, consistency and respect whether complainant, respondent, or violator of the Student Conduct Code.

Carolee Ramsay/ Associate Director, Student Conduct/ 646-313-8019

Wellness offers free and confidential mental health counseling to assist students with any matters of personal concern such as depression, anxiety, stress, procrastination, and relationships. It is a safe and open place where students can express themselves and learn effective tools to use now and in the future. Additionally, Wellness facilitates several groups, workshops, and events throughout the year to support students’ wellbeing.

Courtney Stevenson/ Associate Director, Counseling Services/ 646-313-8165

Guttman Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) provides proactive guidance to develop the most effective and efficient approach for addressing and preventing crisis events on campus. BIT identifies, assesses, and monitors students displaying levels of distress, disruption, or behavioral dysfunction that might warrant timely intervention. The team’s primary goal is to provide threat assessments and early intervention before a crisis arises.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the international honor society of two-year colleges. The purpose of PTK is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. PTK provides an opportunity for the development of leadership and service for high academic achieving students. Beta Phi Gamma is the College’s chapter.

Safe Zone Certification Program is comprised of a voluntary network of faculty, staff, and student advocates committed to creating a campus climate where all LGBTQ+, and other genders, are able to thrive academically, professionally, and personally on campus. It is a campus-wide program designed to provide foundational knowledge needed to support and act in solidarity with LGBTQ+ populations. Safe Zone is designed to visibly identify a network of students, staff, and faculty who support the LGBTQ+ population, better understand LGBTQ+ communities and some of the issues the community faces, and are aware of various LGBTQ+ resources available. Safe Zones are offered throughout the academic year for faculty, staff, and students.

The United Men of Color (UMOC) program is designed to provide an inclusive and supportive space where men of color, in particular, can receive academic support, mentoring, and have the opportunity to engage in social-cultural dialogue that will enhance their understanding of self and their relationship to different communities. Through UMOC, scholars participate in a variety of activities that include, but are not limited, to monthly workshops, community service projects, and program initiatives designed to build character and a sense of community amongst participants. UMOC is part of the larger CUNY Black Male Initiative umbrella.

The Women of Gratitude, Resilience, Integrity, and Talent (GRIT) mentorship program exists to provide academic, personal, professional, community and leadership development to young women. GRIT strives to enhance participants’ lives through mentorship, enrichment programs, and workshops that serve to inspire individual advancement. The vision is for all program participants to achieve academic excellence, graduate from college, and become successful leaders and role models in their respective careers and communities.

Women’s Resource Services is dedicated to helping every woman at Guttman Community College become self-assured with a streetwise savvy that comes from actively engaging with the world. Welcoming men and women alike who are committed to gender equity and social change, the Women Resources Services engage topics such as civic engagement, domestic and/or gender violence, and sexual harassment education. Additional programming includes monthly luncheon support groups and Women Collective groups.