Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Guttman Community College is concerned about the safety, health, and well-being of students, faculty, and staff community.  As one facet of its outreach effort, the College’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) has been established to identify, assess, and monitor students displaying levels of distress, disruption, or behavioral dysfunction that might warrant timely intervention. The team’s primary goal is to provide threat assessments and early intervention before a crisis arises.

The Guttman BIT team typically meets monthly or as needed to identify conditions of concern and discuss how best to support distressed students. The team includes staff from the Office of Student Engagement, Judicial Affairs, Wellness, Disability Services, Legal Counsel, Academic Affairs, and Public Safety.  When necessary, the team offers resources for timely intervention, treatment, referrals and follow-up for students in distress.

Anyone from the campus community who observes an emergency or imminent threat to self or others should contact Public Safety Department at extension 38101/212-221-4630 or 911 as appropriate. A Confidential Incident Report for the Behavioral Intervention Team can be completed via My Guttman by:

For more information about the Guttman BIT procedures, visit:

For more information, refer to the BIT Manual below: