Moving on to Senior Colleges

Your associate degree in urban studies from Guttman Community College will provide you with a unique opportunity to attend a four-year college for urban studies. No other community college in the CUNY system offers urban studies as a major, and nationally very few programs exist, so most community college students don’t have the chance to do an urban studies major. At Guttman Community College, we’re excited to change that.

In addition to urban studies itself, majors available to you at four-year schools will include urban planning, sociology or social work, public administration, non-profit management, government, business administration, women’s studies and ethnic studies.

We have agreements with the sociology department at Brooklyn College for transfer into its sociology program, the department of urban affairs and planning at Hunter College for transfer into its program in urban studies, and the department of urban studies at CUNY’s School of Professional Studies to transfer into its program in urban and community studies.

Although we don’t have formal partnerships with them, several other CUNY schools also offer programs in this field. For example, Queens College offers a well-established bachelor’s program in urban studies, and Baruch College has a four-year degree in public affairs.