Position Descriptions

Guttman student

Academic Success – Meet-Up Peer Mentor

Meet-Up Peer Mentors attend specific course sessions and facilitate group work during in-class activities. Outside of the classroom, these Peer Mentors lead weekly group study sessions (Meet-Ups) to provide academic support in the areas of Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Precalculus, Reading/ Writing, and Statistics. Individuals who are patient, appreciative of different learning styles, good communicators, with strong academic backgrounds, and desire a career in education or helping professions are well suited for the Meet-Up role.

Guttman student

Academic Success – Studio Peer Mentor

Studio is a class designed for students to practice, reflect, and develop essential academic skills. Studio Peer Mentors plan and facilitate in-class activities with Graduate Coordinators which allow students to assess academic strengths and identify areas for development. Outside of Studio, these Peer Mentors meet with students to support other academic and personal matters. Individuals who enjoy public speaking, curriculum development, collaborative group work, and desire a career in teaching or education are well suited for the Studio role.

Guttman student

Admissions & Access Peer Mentor

Admissions & Access Peer Mentors guide prospective students and families through Guttman’s unique admissions process. These Peer Mentors coordinate and implement Admissions events including group information sessions, individual meetings, campus tours, and high school events. This includes weekly shifts, occasional evenings and select Saturdays. Individuals who enjoy public speaking, event management, with strong customer service skills, and desire a career in communications or public relations are well suited for the Admissions role.

Guttman student

Leadership & Service Peer Mentor

Leadership & Service Peer Mentors share personal strategies for success in weekly first-year advising sessions known as LaBSS (Learning about Being a Successful Student). Additionally, these Peer Mentors generate and implement a monthly calendar of student-centered activities which strive to engage all Guttman students. Individuals who enjoy event planning, collaborative group work, leadership development, and desire a career in advising, coaching, management, advertising or marketing are well suited for the Leadership & Service role. 

Pedro Flores

Early College Peer Mentor

Early College Peer Mentors are specifically trained to work with 9th and 10th graders at the Inwood Early College High School for Health and Information Technologies. These peer mentors work on-site at the Early College to support the LaBSS component and facilitate Meet-Ups related to the high school curriculum. Individuals who enjoy working with high school students, appreciate different learning styles, are strong communicators, and desire a career in teaching or education are well suited for the Early College role.