Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Concerned about a student? Have you noticed behaviors or heard someone say something that worries you or makes you think that they may need help? Perhaps it’s a classmate or friend and you know they are going through a tough time and you don’t know how to get them help or what to do.

If you notice a student that is struggling with any of the following, Guttman has a team of people called BIT (Behavioral Intervention Team) that can direct students to resources and solutions before a crisis arises.

  • Expressing violent or aggressive thoughts thoughts or says things you think might be disturbing
  • Disengaging and/or isolating themselves
  • Experiencing dramatic mood shifts
  • Making disturbing comments in conversation, email, letters, social media postings or papers
  • Making threatening comments in conversation or in writing
  • Showing disruptive, unusual, or bizarre behavior
  • Expressing thoughts of harming self or others (immediately notify Public Safety or call 911 if someone is at risk of harming themselves or another person. Then complete a BIT referral form. Safety is of utmost importance and must be established first!)
  • Psychological or behavioral concerns with no sign of improvement despite referrals (depression, severe anxiety/panic, anger outbursts)
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs
  • Abuse – physical, emotional, and/or sexual
  • Partner violence
  • Stalking

Get the student help and support by submitting a BIT Referral Form. Once the form comes in, BIT will reach out to the student. Completing the form can be a huge first step. The form below will start the process.  Don’t worry if you can’t or don’t want to answer all the questions.  You can also email BIT at

BIT Referral Forms

Other resources for all Guttman students include:

Wellness – provides free mental health counseling to help students struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and other counseling-related concerns. Contact:

Conduct – promotes a safe and secure community and enforces City University of New York rules and regulations through civility, integrity, and student learning while treating each student with dignity and respect. Contact:

Single Stop – connects students to housing, food, and other resources. Contact:

Public Safety – assists members of the campus community to report and deal with on and off campus emergencies appropriately. Contact:

Title IX – addresses and investigates discrimination, sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, and sexual violence), and retaliation complaints. Contact:

Anyone from the campus community who observes a violent incident or believes a student is an imminent threat to him/herself or others should immediately contact Public Safety at extension 3-8102 or 212-221-4630 or call 911.