Mission, Vision and Values


Stella and Charles Guttman Community College is an urban public institution that offers associate degree programs in an environment that nurtures student success. Based on extensive research, Guttman Community College integrates excellence in teaching, proactive and responsive student supports and external partnerships. Our primary objective is to increase the number of students, especially those not effectively served in higher education, who persist in their programs of study and attain a degree in a timely manner. We offer a clearly defined educational pathway including an integrated first-year curriculum that is inquiry-based and majors that prepare students for careers and baccalaureate study. Guttman programs are academically rigorous, multidisciplinary and experientially based.

Community is at the center of Guttman Community College’s mission, and students are at the center of the College. Guttman fosters an environment of cooperation and collaboration, where students, faculty and staff respect and appreciate each other’s perspectives, commonalities, differences and contributions. Students address compelling urban issues and move into the wider community through experiential learning and internships. Graduates will have the intellectual tools and confidence to be engaged citizens and responsible leaders.

College is a time and a place and an idea—an opportunity to cultivate the knowledge and experience required to meet intellectual, creative and professional goals. Guttman Community College supports students in developing the capacity to interpret and evaluate ideas they encounter both in and out of the classroom and to make informed judgments. Students will learn to express their ideas effectively and know that their voices are valued. They will graduate with a greater sense of responsibility for their academic success and personal growth, prepared to pursue additional studies, a career and lifelong learning.


Founded in the CUNY tradition of access to excellence, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College will support student achievement in a dynamic, inclusive and intellectually engaging environment. We will be recognized for the contributions of our students, faculty, staff and graduates to our communities and to a thriving, sustainable New York City.


Stella and Charles Guttman Community College seeks to create a culture that values:
Creativity, innovation, nimbleness and teamwork;
Diversity in all its complexities, inclusion in practice, and equity in outcomes;
Openness to multiple perspectives;
High expectations for all members of its community;
The multiple roles and varied contributions of every member;
A collective commitment to student success;
External partnerships and community engagement;
Teaching and learning in and out of the classroom;
Assessment that informs student learning, professional development and improves institutional practice;