Faculty & Staff

Instructional Teams

Instructional Teams comprise faculty teaching selected First-Year Experience (FYE) courses, the advisors who guide students throughout the first year, and staff from different on-campus support resources. They meet weekly to discuss student progress and collaborate to address student needs and enable the achievement of their goals.

FYE Faculty Team Leaders

Instructional Team Leaders are charged with leading their group of faculty and staff by establishing and maintaining productive integration across all components of the First-Year Experience (FYE). Leaders are tasked with ensuring that faculty and staff are adequately supported and positioned to help students achieve greater learning outcomes. Team Leaders ensure that the Guttman Instructional Principles inform the pedagogical and collaborative work of the Instructional Team and that the teaching environment reflects inclusive excellence and equitable practices.

Daniel Collins

Dr. Daniel Collins
Professor of English and Program Coordinator of the FYE
Email: Daniel.Collins@guttman.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-313-8889
Location: 609-A

Dr. Keino Brown

Prof. Keino Brown
Lecturer of Mathematics
Email: Keino.Brown@guttman.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-313-8086
Location: 609-H

Laura Clarke

Dr. Laura Clarke
Assistant Professor of English
Email: Laura.Clarke@guttman.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-313-8176
Location: 604-K

Prof. Nicholas Fortier
Instructor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Email: Nicholas.Fortier@guttman.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-313-8175
Location: 605-A

James Mellis

Dr. James Mellis
Assistant Professor of English
Email: James.Mellis@guttman.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-313-8886
Location: 609-F

James Rodriguez

Dr. James Rodriguez
Assistant Professor of History
Email: James.Rodriguez@guttman.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-313-8009
Location: 610-M

Marla A. Sole

Dr. Marla Sole
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Email: Marla.Sole@guttman.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-313-8185
Location: 604-A

Luis Zambrano

Prof. Luis Zambrano
Lecturer of Mathematics
Email: Luis.Zambrano@guttman.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-313-8282
Location: 611-E

Uriah Brown

Uriah Brown                                                                     

House: 2
Phone: 646-313-8859
Email: Uriah.Brown@guttman.cuny.edu
Location: 606-B

Undergraduate Degree: B.S., Business Administration – Brooklyn College, CUNY
Graduate Degree: M.S., Business Economics – Brooklyn College, CUNY

Nelson Castro

Nelson Castro                                                   

House: 1
Phone: 646-313-8884
Email: Nelson.Castro@guttman.cuny.edu
Location: 611-D

Undergraduate Degree: B.A., Chicana/o Studies – University of California, Los Angeles
Graduate Degree: M.A., Higher Education: Organization & Leadership – Teachers College, Columbia University

Keshia Daniel

Keshia Daniel

House: 6
Phone: 646-313-8829
Email: Keshia.Daniel@guttman.cuny.edu
Location: 610-I

Undergraduate Degree: B.S., Applied Sociology – State University of New York at Buffalo
Graduate Degree: M.S., Higher Education Student Affairs Administration – State University of New York at Buffalo

Brandon Frazier

Brandon Frazier

House: 5
Phone: 646-313-8109
Email: Brandon.Frazier@guttman.cuny.edu
Location: 609-E

Undergraduate Degree: B.A., Communications – State University of New York at Albany
Graduate Degree: M.A., Higher Education Administration – Stony Brook University

Laura Fritz

Laura Fritz

House: 3
Phone: 646-313-8873
Email: Laura.Fritz@guttman.cuny.edu
Location: 606-C

Undergraduate Degree: B.A., Economics – Virginia Tech
Graduate Degree: M.A., Higher Education & Student Affairs – The Ohio State University

Sarina Harty

Sarina Harty

House: 4
Phone: 646-313-8071
Email: Sarina.Harty@guttman.cuny.edu
Location: 609-L

Undergraduate Degree: B.A., Psychology – St. Mary’s University, San Antonio
Graduate Degree: M.A., School counseling and Guidance – New York University