Office of the Provost

Office of Academic Affairs and Provost- Leadership Team

Howard M. Wach, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Point Person to the Provost:
Ayechia Perez, Executive Associate to the Provost
Phone: 646-313-8197

Charles H. Pryor, II, Dean of Student Engagement

Point Person to Dean Pryor:
Esperanza Martin, Student Engagement Coordinator to Dean of Student Engagement
Phone: 646-313-8269

Nicola Blake, Interim Dean of Faculty Affairs

Point Person to Dean Blake:
Jazmin Lopez, OAA Workload Specialist
Phone: 646-313-8183

Marissa R. Schlesinger, Associate Dean of Academic affairs

Point Person to Dean Schlesinger:
Yolelda Ira, OAA CUNY Office Assistant
Phone: 646-313-8057

Niesha Ziehmke, Associate Dean of Programs and Planning

Point Person to Dean Ziehmke:
Keteya Harrison-Melville, Executive Assistant to Associate Dean of Programs and Planning
Phone: 646-313-8056

Amy Beth, Chief Librarian

Contact the Chief Librarian:
Phone: 646-313-8090

Lavita McMath Turner, Academic Executive Officer for Equity and Diversity

Contact the Academic Executive Officer for Equity and Inclusion:
Phone: 646-313-8827