Group Information Session

At this time, there are no future group information session slots available for fall 2018 admissions.

If you are still interested in admissions at Guttman Community College, please call our office at 646.313.8010 or email us at to be placed on the waitlist for a group information session. Please note, at this time we do encourage you to seek other opportunities within the City University of New York.

Please note, a group information session is a required component of the admissions process.
Applicants who do not attend a group information session and individual meeting will not be eligible for admissions.

After you submit your CUNY application, we will invite you to attend a group information session. You are required to attend to be considered for admission, be sure to register now.

At your group information session, we will answer your questions.

  • Is our college the right fit for you?
  • How are we different from other community colleges?
  • What are our expectations?

We will cover the things that set us apart from other schools, including our:

  • First Year Experience Program
  • Academic Calendar
  • Advising, Student Support and Academic Achievement
  • Degree Programs
  • Rigorous set of core courses

We encourage you to bring a supporter. Family members, guardians and friends are welcome!

At the end of the group information session, you’ll decide if you want to take the next step in our admissions process. If you don’t feel our school is the right fit for you, we’ll encourage you to explore other options within the CUNY system.