United Men of Color


United Men Of Color Program 

The United Men of Color (U-MOC) program at Stella and Charles Guttman Community College is designed to provide an inclusive and supportive space where men of color, in particular, can receive academic support, mentoring, and have the opportunity to engage in social-cultural dialogue that will enhance their understanding of self and their relationship to different communities. At U-MOC, our scholars participate in a variety of activities that include but are not limited to monthly workshops, community service projects, and program initiatives designed to build character and a sense of community amongst participants. U-MOC is part of the larger CUNY Black Male Initiative umbrella.

Primary Goals 

Provide institutional leadership to Black and Latino youth and men to help them overcome the challenges of college life.

  • Provide underrepresented students with skill based development, support and opportunities to enhance their Guttman experience.
  • Bolster levels of campus engagement for male students of color.
  • Contribute to the improvement of enrollment, retention and graduation rates of male students of color.
  • Develop strong mentoring relationships between faculty and staff volunteers and male students of color.
  • Foster authentic fellowship by creating a sense of community amongst U-MOC Scholars.


The United Men Of Color program, ‘U-MOC’, was founded to help underrepresented men overcome the inequalities that lead to poor academic performance, and are associated with weak enrollment, retention, and graduation from higher education institutions. In addition, the U-MOC program exists to provide a space where underserved and underrepresented men can feel empowered to find their individual voices as they navigate the college environment. U-MOC also aims to develop a long lasting bond between scholars, program coordinators, and external program partners.


U-MOC will empower its scholars to be self-advocates, to seek and sustain mentorship and community, and to expand their perspective on issues that are most relevant to them. Through intentional programming, U-MOC’s scholars will be actively engaged on campus in ways that enhance their overall student experience and allows them to gain the tools to continue to be successful.


Core Values

There are five core values that reflect U-MOC’s internal and external operation. We facilitate these values for our scholars through mentoring, community engagement, and programming. Each of these activities singularly and collectively embody the spirit and practice of Scholarship, Community, Leadership, Resilience, and Respect that we want to instill in these young men.

Scholarship – To promote activities and habits of mind related to excellence in scholarly pursuits.

Community – Establish a sense of civic responsibility and discuss the importance of engaging in philanthropic contributions to society and our ability to influence the world around us.

Leadership – Create opportunities to express the qualities of leadership and personal responsibility.

Resilience – Provide room to understand the significance of quick recovery from professional and personal challenges.

Respect – Encouraging an understanding that people and things are important and understanding that each deserves their own approach.

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