Guttman Bridge Program

Guttman Bridge Program

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      Winter Bridge 2024: February 20–26

      Learning Outcomes

      Upon successful completion of the Bridge program, you’ll be able to:

      • Identify academic and social skills needed for a successful transition to college;
      • Describe how your social identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, class) intersect with your identity as a college student and as a contributing member of the Guttman community;
      • Apply critical thinking skills by reading and analyzing texts;
      • Conduct research by identifying and using textual and quantitative data; and
      • Use Blackboard, Starfish, Guttman email, and other online platforms to engage in Program activities and communicate with faculty, staff, and classmates.


      • Academic modules that explore the meaning and construction of community through qualitative and quantitative research
      • Assignments in which you author multiple texts, including poetry, analytical writing, reflections, and blogposts
      • Self-assessments that identify educational goals and guide you in creating action plans to achieve them
      • Workshops on mindfulness, time management, professional communication, and various academic skills