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Connect Center

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      Connect Center

      Free Grizzly Pantry when you need food, clothing or personal essentials, emergency grants when you are facing financial hardship and much more.

      Attending college in New York City offers amazing opportunities and unique challenges, including managing the cost of living. We see you and we have resources to help you out. All our programs and services are free and cover all areas of essential need.


      Being a college student takes a lot of energy. Count on us for our free food programs, right on campus or delivered directly to your home, to make sure you have the fuel you need to focus on your classes.

      Grizzly Pantry – Need a snack between classes or want to bring some extra food home? We have grab and go items, canned fruits and vegetables, rice, oatmeal, pasta, and more.

      Fresh Produce, Eggs, and Bread Giveaways – Each semester we partner with local farms to bring you fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, and bread, all for free!

      Ryan Gordon Community Pantry
      Make sure to check your Guttman email to learn about other food programs we offer including Fresh Direct grocery delivery right to your home, Prepared Holiday Meals, Fuel your Brains for Finals, and more.

      We also work with local agencies to help determine if you are eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. If you qualify, you can receive 1:1 help applying. An EBT debit card, filled monthly with funds will be sent to you and you can use it at your local grocery store to purchase groceries for you and your family.

      Throughout my journey as a Guttman student, the Connect Center helped me phenomenally. After the pandemic, groceries became expensive and harder to buy. Fortunately, the Connect Center equipped me with the proper nutrition and weekly food (apples, bread, eggs, etc.), which benefited my family and me. During school hours, I was able to go to the Connect Center and grab quick snacks and drinks that helped me stay awake and energized during class; it was especially good because of how expensive Manhattan can be. I was also provided information about food stamps and grants that help me during hard times after the Pandemic.


      Business Administration

      Woodcherleene Lozier


      Finding a place to call home in NYC can be overwhelming, and you might not know where to start. We can help with roommate and apartment finding resources, tips on how to search for a place or connect you with local shelters, affordable housing or short-term room shares.


      Balancing being a parent and a student can be challenging. Let us help you feel confident that your little one is being cared for while you are in class so you can focus on your success.

      From the 17 CUNY campus child care centers to non-profit centers to government child care programs, there is something for every family. Ask us for a list of referrals you can contact directly to receive support navigating NYC’s complex system.

      The Connect Center at Guttman Community College has been an indispensable support system throughout my academic journey, playing a crucial role in my success as a student by helping with things I need for class. The support [I received] ensured that I felt seen and valued [at Guttman].

      IT major

      Ryan Gordon

      Financial Literacy

      Opening a bank account. Building your credit. Saving money. Avoiding debt. Investing. This is financial literacy, and having these skills can make a huge difference in your future and the future of your family. Get in touch with us to learn more.

      File your Income Taxes with Us

      Learning how to file your income taxes is a big part of money management. Every year we partner with the NYC Department of Taxation and Finance to offer you a free tax preparation program hosted at various CUNY Colleges.
      If you work and no longer depend on your parents financially, you may be required to file income taxes. If you earned $72,000 or less in the previous year, you qualify.
      During these sessions volunteer tax employees will walk you through your income tax returns, step-by-step. Program registration is announced each winter in anticipation of the April deadline for taxpayers.

      Health Insurance

      Health insurance is a privilege everyone deserves to have. It will protect you from paying big medical bills if you get sick, have an unexpected medical emergency or just want to keep up with your annual check-ups. Here is some information about some of the plans that are available to you.


      This plan is for low-income residents including pregnant women and infants, parents of dependent children, and adults aged 19-64 who are not eligible for Medicare. Certain services under Medicaid require a small copay. No deductible. No monthly premium.

      Essential Plan

      This plan is for NYS residents aged 19-64 who meet income requirements and are not eligible for Medicaid, Child Health Plus or employer coverage. The monthly premium is $20 per person or $0, depending on income. There is no deductible.

      Marketplace Health Insurance

      You can look up and compare the cost for different health insurance options through the individual marketplace. First, create an online account at and type your zip code to begin the private health insurance search.

      To get help enrolling in one of the above plans, contact us and we will get you connected.


      I am entirely grateful for the support that Connect Center has given me throughout my college journey. I have been able to benefit from the different Guttman food programs they have run such as Fresh Direct Grocery Delivery, Fresh Food giveaway events and Grizzly Pantry. Thank you for always having that empathy and warm vibe to assist us in our different needs as students.


      Human Services


      There might be a time when you find yourself needing some legal advice. Legal support might be helpful if you:
      • are facing eviction in Housing Court, NYCHA housing, need help on other housing issues or are homeless.
      • are a survivor of domestic violence or human trafficking.
      • are a low-wage or unemployed worker who has experienced wage theft, workplace discrimination or labor trafficking, or needs help with family and medical leave or unemployment insurance.
      • are a low-income immigrant who needs help reunifying with your family, obtaining lawful status, applying for citizenship, or defending against deportation.
      • need assistance in getting, keeping, and using government benefits and public assistance such as SNAP (food stamps), SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, Medicare, and other health insurances.

      Immigrant Student Success Initiative

      Whether you have DACA, TPS, or are undocumented, at Guttman Community College we value all students, period. From scholarship opportunities to finding community, the Immigrant Student Success Initiative is here for you with guidance and resources, regardless of your immigration status.

      Immigrant Student Success