In light of the growing concerns regarding the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) and our desire to keep everyone safe, Guttman Community College’s Office of Registrar is operating remotely at this time. Our office will not be open for in-person services until further notice. Our team will be available virtually via email and telephone. For any Registrar-related questions or concerns, contact us at or at 646-313-8038. For a faster reply, email us from your Guttman email account and include your full name and CUNY empl ID. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response. Please continue to check back for updated information regarding hours of operation. We thank you for your patience during this time of transition, and stay safe.

All Fall 2020 (sessions 1 and 2) and Spring 2021 (sessions 1 and 2) classes will continue via distance-learning mode. There is no in-person instruction — all classes will be remote.
Classes will remain asynchronous. Asynchronous class meetings do not require you to log in to your virtual classroom at a specified time. Students do not have to follow a strict schedule to engage in live classes or discussions, and the only requirement regarding when they turn in their work is the assignment deadline, not an arbitrary timeline. Assignment deadlines and exams days/times are maintained and included on the class syllabus.


Have you attempted to add/swap/drop/withdraw a class through CUNYfirst but it did not go through?

Go to the Forms and Applications page and download the appropriate form. Electronically complete all available fields (signature fields can be left blank). Be sure to include the error code you are receiving in the “Reason unable to add on CUNYfirst” column. Not providing this information will delay your registration process. Once the form is completed, with your Guttman email account, email the form to your academic advisor, S.S.A. or Career Strategist (follow the below steps to title your email). Your advisor will review your request and forward your request to the appropriate parties if approved. The Office of the Registrar will email your Guttman email to inform you when your request has been completed or if we require more information.

Email Subject Title must be the following:

1) Term, session and year

2) Your full name

3) Type of request (add/swap/drop/withdraw)

4) Course Info (Subject and Course #)

Ex. 1. Subject: Spring 1 2020 – John Doe – Add Math 103B

2. Subject: Spring 2 2020 – Susan Doe – Drop SOCI 102

You have sent in a request over a week ago and still have not heard back. Now what?

Check to make sure you sent the request from your Guttman email and that the subject title follows the above guideline. Check to make sure you filled out the form correctly and wrote the reason as to why you were unable to process the request through CUNYfirst on your own. Lastly, check your spam/junk folder for a reply.

How does it work? Where does it go?

The workflow will be the same as in person but just done electronically.

1. Student sends email and form to Advisor

2. Advisor reviews request and sends to Financial Aid

3. Financial Aid reviews and sends back with notes

4. Registrar reviews and processes request

The Office of the Registrar provides services and support to students and alumni, to the Provost and faculty and to other departments at Guttman Community College. Additionally, the office works closely with IT, the Office of Student Engagement & Success, the Center for College Effectiveness, and the Office of Partnerships & Community Engagement.

The Registrar is located in the College’s third-floor Hub, a one-stop resource center for student services that also includes the offices of College Admissions and Access and Financial Aid and Student Financial Support. Externally, the Registrar works closely with CUNY’s central administration, stays current with State and Federal regulations, and is a member of AACRAO, the national professional association for registrars and admissions officers.

The Office is responsible for the accuracy and integrity of the College’s official student records. Its chief responsibilities include: registration; record-keeping; verifications and transcripts; course offerings; the class schedule; classrooms; and graduation.

A Public Notice about Social Security Numbers

New York State Education Law prohibits the use of the Social Security number for identification purposes. Neither the State of New York nor the Federal government requires the release of Social Security numbers except in a few carefully defined situations, such as verification of entitlement to financial aid. Since the Social Security number is not part of a student’s educational history, the Office of the Registrar at Guttman Community College does not confirm or in any other way make reference to or reveal a student’s Social Security number.