Student Conduct and Community Standards

Student Conduct and Community Standards

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    Student Conduct & Community Standards

    The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSC) promotes a safe and secure community and enforces The City University of New York (CUNY) rules and regulations through civility, integrity and student learning while treating each student with dignity and respect.

    What is SPARC?

    The City University of New York (CUNY) has launched its on-line training program known as the Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course (“SPARC”). This program addresses New York State’s Enough is Enough (“EIE”) statute that requires that all NYS colleges provide students with ongoing education and training about sexual misconduct, including domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, and sexual violence. SPARC is available on a Blackboard platform and CUNYfirst to-do lists. Successful completion is noted in your CUNYfirst and Blackboard accounts.

    The SPARC Learning Experience Aims to:

    • Motivate behavior change.
    • Minimize unrealistic expectations.
    • Link your choices to academic and personal success.
    • Help you practice healthier and safer decision-making.

    Consent Campaign

    Guttman’s Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards shows the college’s commitment to Consent Education by embarking on a Consent Campaign each year. The program is part of broader efforts aimed towards Affirmative Consent that offers online trainings for special groups of students, in-person trainings and activities by the Office of Student Conduct, NYC Alliance and the Title IX Office as well as more activities during Women’s History and Sexual Assault Awareness months.

    Affirmative Consent is a paradigmatic shift away from the “No Means No” approach, which is seen as more negative and places too much angst on the receiver to say no. Our consent campaign is a deliberate attempt to get participants to understand that when the burden is shifted from the survivors to the initiators, it’s simple: consent is consent. The main focus of the campaign revolves around the idea that consent is a voluntary, mutual, and honest verbal agreement.

    Is there a link to a national campaign or CUNY-wide campaign for this that could be included?

    Students’ Rights and Responsibilities