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The fall 2020 admissions application for CUNY is available. Please note, Guttman Community College requires applicants to attend a Group Information Session and Individual Meeting to be considered for admission.

Sophea SainsurinA Message from the Director

On behalf of the faculty, staff, administrators, and peer mentors, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.  It is a great time to be a student and we hope that Guttman Community College will be your school of choice.

In 2012, Guttman Community College became the 7th community college of the City University of New York created to deliver a community college education with a focus on student achievement and timely completion.  Guttman has just been ranked the #1 best community college in America and in New York State by  Also, in August 2018, the College was named the No. 1 community college in New York State by  Guttman’s high ranking is due to our three-year graduation rate which is more than twice the national average, and has been 40% or higher since the first graduating class in 2014.  With rates between 23%-31%, Guttman’s two-year graduation rate far exceeds the 4% national average of large city public two-year colleges.

Our highly qualified, dedicated faculty members continuously demonstrate their passion for student learning, providing modern curriculum, and innovative teaching methods.  Our enthusiastic, professional staff members help ensure that you receive all the opportunities and programs you need throughout your educational journey.  We are especially proud of our peer mentors, an integral component of the academic and co-curricular student experience at Guttman Community College, who are also here to help you learn and grow during your time with us.

We offer a clearly defined educational pathway including an integrated first-year curriculum that is inquiry-based and majors that prepare students for careers and baccalaureate study.  Guttman programs are academically rigorous, multidisciplinary and experientially based.  At Guttman Community College, Community is at the center of Guttman Community College’s mission, and students are at the center of the College and we work every day to fulfill our college mission.

We invite you to register to attend a Group Information Session to learn more about our community.

As a reminder, you can track your progress on your GrizzlyPath.  As you satisfy requirements, your checklist will be updated.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!

Sophea Sainsurin

Director of Admissions