New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation at Guttman Community College

Mission Statement: New Student Orientation

The mission of New Student Orientation is to holistically address students’ transition to Stella and Charles Guttman Community College. Aligning with the institutional mission, community is at the center of New Student Orientation. Therefore, our program is designed to familiarize students with our College’s:

  • Distinct resources and services
  • Faculty, staff and student life
  • Basic policies and procedures
  • Summer Bridge program

Our goal is for students to feel invigorated, prepared and have a sense of belonging.

The New Student Orientation will take place on Friday, June 28th and Thursday, July 11thPlease sign up now for the June 28th or July 11th New Student Orientation session.

Please note, only students who have submitted a commitment form are eligible to attend New Student Orientation. Students who are UNABLE to attend any of the sessions should contact the office of Admissions at 646-313-8010.

New Student Orientation Schedule


  • Check-In & Take Your Student ID Photo
  • Campus Resource Tabling & Formal Welcome Address
  • Paving your Path to Summer Bridge
  • Technology World: Accessing your Guttman Accounts
  • The Common Read

New Student Orientation Schedule Descriptions


Paving Your Path to Summer Bridge (50 Minutes)

Summer Bridge is a program designed to support the transition of students into their first year at Guttman. With that, comes important information needed to prepare for your arrival. Facilitated by members of the Advising team, in this session you will learn about the Summer Bridge schedule and classes you will be taking, review expectations such as the attendance policy, and gain insight on how we invest in student success.

Technology World: Accessing your Guttman Accounts (50 Minutes)

In college, you will be expected to use technology on a consistent basis in order to manage important information. This session will give you the know-how on navigating the My Guttman Portal where you can access your Guttman Outlook e-mail account, update your CUNY Portal profile, and create a CUNYfirst account to check your student records.

Additionally, your will learn where to go and how to view their financial aid account in CUNYfirst, navigate important tabs including student holds and learn how to take the necessary action to verify you are in financially good standing.

The Common Read (50 Minutes)

The Common Read is a required reading that all incoming freshmen will be expected to complete in preparation for Summer Bridge. During Summer Bridge, students will engage in classroom discussions and activities related to themes embedded in the book. This session will introduce students to this year’s common read book, provide context and understanding of key themes, and engage students in thought-provoking activities. *A free copy of the book will be provided.

New Student Orientation- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I sign up for New Student Orientation?

A. You can sign up by logging into your GrizzlyPath and choosing from the available slots.

Q. What should I expect from New Student Orientation?

A. New Student Orientation is designed to familiarize students with our College’s:

  • Distinct resources and services
  • Faculty, staff and student life
  • Basic policies and procedures
  • Summer Bridge program

Our goal is for students to feel invigorated, prepared and have a sense of belonging.

Q. How long is New Student Orientation?

A. New Student Orientation is approximately 4.5 hours long in which students will attend three required sessions. However, this year we will be offering additional optional sessions. Therefore, a student could participate in all-day programming for up to 7.5 if they chose too. Please review the sample of the New Student Orientation Schedule 2018.

Q. What if I need to leave or miss part of the program?

A. Students must be able to remain for the three required sessions (described above). If you are unable to participate in the entire session, you should contact the Office of Admissions and Access at or call us at 646.313.8080.

Q. Is New Student Orientation mandatory?

A. Yes. Guttman Community College requires students to participate in New Student Orientation as part of the process for enrolling at Guttman.

Q. What do I need to bring to New Student Orientation?

A. You simply need to bring yourself and one form of ID (a school ID, or New York State ID, License or permit will suffice). You will also be taking your student ID at New Student Orientation.

Q. What should I do prior to New Student Orientation?

A. You should continue to check your GrizzlyPath for steps needed before coming to New Student Orientation. Some of these include submitting proof of graduation, and immunization records. This may also include taking your CUNY Assessment Test.

Have you tried claiming your CUNY ID number called your EMPLD? Try logging into CUNYFirst, please note that your username and password will NOT be the same as your GrizzlyPath. To Claim your EMPLID you will need your Full Name, Date of Birth and Last Four digits of your Social Security Number.

Q. Can I bring my parent, guardian or a guest with me to New Student Orientation?

A. New Student Orientation is geared towards supporting students with their transition to Guttman Community College. This is a unique opportunity to meet future classmates, professors and get ready for all the great things Guttman has to offer. Therefore, the program designed for students only.

Q. If I need special accommodations, whom should I contact?

A. You should contact the Office of Admissions and Access at or call us at 646.313.8010.

Q. How do I get to Guttman Community College? Is there parking?

A. You can find directions and information about parking garages near us on our website.

Q. Will there be food provided or should I bring my own?

A. Lunch, snacks and refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the required sessions.

Q. If I’m unable to attend New Student Orientation on July 6th, is there another opportunity to make it up?

A. You should contact the Office of Admissions and Access at or call us at 646.313.8080.​

Q. What happens if I cannot attend New Student Orientation at all?

A. You should contact the Office of Admissions and Access at or call us at 646.313.8080.​

Q. Will I register for classes during New Student Orientation?

A. As mentioned in the Group Information Sessions and Individual Meeting during the admissions process, Guttman Community College will select first term courses for new students. Information regarding your class schedule and how to access the information will be provided to you via e-mail prior to the start of the Summer Bridge Program.

Q. What If I don’t plan on attending Guttman in the Fall? Or If I wish to postpone my enrollment for a following semester?

A. You should contact the Office of Admissions and Access at or call us at 646.313.8010.

Q. When do I receive my student ID?

A. You will receive your New Student ID on the first day of Summer Bridge. However, you will take your student ID picture at New Student Orientation.

Q. Whom do I contact if I have any questions or concerns?

A. You should contact the Hub at 646.313.8080 for any and all of your concerns.

Under 18 Trip Waiver

All students that are not 18 years old before September 1st must complete the Trip Waiver form. A parent or legal guardian must sign this form. Please bring the completed form to Guttman Community College and leave with Esperanza Martin, Student Engagement Coordinator, at 207- N, emailed to, or brought with you on your first day of Summer Bridge. Please make sure that you use blue or black ink when completing the form and everything is legible.

Required Forms for Stipend Distribution

All students are required to complete a  W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) form or a W-8 (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting) form in order for Guttman Community College to process your Summer Bridge stipend payment. These forms need to completed and submitted no later than July 19, 2019 to ensure that there will be a check for you on Day 1 of Summer Bridge.

There are two form options; you must select the form that is most appropriate for you:

As stated, completion of the appropriate form is required in order to initiate the processing of the stipend payment.  If handwritten, please use black or blue ink and ensure the information is legible. Please note that Incomplete or illegible forms will delay the processing of your stipend payment. All completed forms need to be brought to Esperanza Martin at 207-N at Guttman Community College before July 29.

If you need more information about these forms, we encourage you to visit the IRS website or speak to your tax preparer.  For any questions related to completion of the form and the CUNY processes, you can contact Glendaliz Nunez at the Guttman Business Office at or 646-313-8029. Please note that she is not able to offer any guidance on individual tax policy implications and/or situations.


Mandatory SPARC Training

New York State Education Law 129-b, also called the Enough is Enough (“EIE”) statute, requires that all NYS colleges provide students with ongoing education and training about sexual misconduct, including domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment and sexual violence.

To meet this requirement, CUNY has implemented a program called SPARC (Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course) that is an online training program developed in partnership with State University of New York. The purpose of the training is to educate members of the CUNY community about sexual misconduct, prevention, related CUNY policies, reporting and resource availability.

If you do not complete the course by September 21, 2019, a hold will be placed on your CUNYFirst account, which will prevent you from registering for future classes.

The course is accessible via Blackboard, through your CUNYFirst account, or via the My Guttman site. You will need your CUNYFirst username and password. You are encouraged to complete the full course, 4 modules, in one sitting. You will be required to restart any module you do not complete in one sitting. Upon completion, it is encouraged you print or save a copy of your certificate of completion. You must allow for pop-ups on your computer and the course is least compatible on MAC computers or the web browser Safari. Further    instructions are available.

If you do not see the course on your Blackboard site, please continue to check back as students are continually being added to the course.