Student Government Association (SGA)

Elected by the student body, the Student Government Association (SGA) is committed to serving their fellow students and to being a voice for the Guttman community. Democratic elections are held every April, granting students the opportunity to vote and campaign for the college experience they want. Throughout the year, the SGA encourages all students to present their ideas and recommendations through its open-door policy. More than just leadership and service, the SGA is committed to making a difference. By supporting academic and professional development, helping organize clubs and social activities, and advocating for community engagement, the SGA is dedicated to enhancing college life at Guttman for each and every student.

Jeraine Nieves, President

Jeraine NIeves

Hey! I’m Jeraine Nieves, but my peers call me Jay; I’m this year’s Student Government Association President. Born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, I am the first person in my family to attend and (soon to) graduate from college. Also, I am a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and am blind. I have a guide dog whose name is Ezekiel but everyone calls him E.Z! Being blind has definitely come with difficulties and stresses, but it has not been the end of my world. Blindness is part of me, I’ve accepted this reality and doing so has helped me to surprise people in the best way possible. Other hobbies I enjoy, which may shock some, include dressmaking and drawing.

My role as president is to give a voice to all students and I am here to represent you all in the best way I can. My goal is to build a sense of community and friendship through our virtual and, hopefully, physical setting.

Currently, I’m an Urban Studies major and will be attending another college after graduation to further extend my education. My goal is to get into law school, become a lawyer and help my family as much as I can. Motivational speaking is another avenue for me to explore, as I find happiness in uplifting others and giving them hope. Everyone needs someone to believe in them and even if I may not know them personally, I want to be that person.

If you ever have any concerns, need a pep talk or just someone to listen, I’m here. Contact me at my office hours or at

Miguel Tejeda, Vice President

Miguel Tejeda

Hello, my name is Miguel Tejeda. I am the Student Government Association Vice-president at Guttman Community College. I am a Dominican, first-generation in college student currently majoring in Human Services, whose goal is to serve the community.  Also, I am proud to represent the South Bronx.

My job, as Vice President, is to contribute to the enrichment of Guttman by sitting on the Curriculum Committee to provide a student voice and perspective, and to weigh in on the current and future curriculum at Guttman. My purpose is to advocate for every student’s rights and to bring any problem that we, as students, are facing at Guttman. My team and I are working to develop Guttman in the best way that we can. We are the student voice on campus, and we are working hard for a better Guttman.

Lastly, I want to let every student at Guttman know that the SGA is here to support them. Feel free to email me and ask any questions, I am very friendly. If you have any questions/comments/ or concerns, and I will do my best to help you myself or get you to a person who can. My current email is

Renahn Barcia, Treasurer

Renahn Barcia

Hello, my name is Renahn Barcia, and I am currently the Treasurer of the Student Government Association. I am a second-year Business Major, a member of the  United Men of Color, the honors society Phi Theta Kappa, and the founder of the soccer club.

As treasurer, my duties include recording the financial expenditures of the SGA, overseeing budget recommendations, and disputing/advocating for said recommendations.

After Guttman, I intend to transfer to a four-year university, my top pick being either NYU or Queens College, with my intended major being applied mathematics with a minor in either political science or actuarial science. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, drawing, running, and learning about art history. As treasurer and a member of the SGA, I am obligated to assist students that may be confused when navigating the Guttman website, or other related matters such as voter registration.

I am here to assist students that want to contribute to their community, be it by setting up a club, event, fundraiser, ext. I encourage everyone motivated to do so to pursue this. If you would need to contact me for any reason feel free to do so via email at

Naomi Barrera, Secretary

Naomi Barrera

My name is Naomi Barrera, Secretary of the Student Government Association. I’m a second-year student majoring in Business Administration. With my role as Secretary, I hope to help create an environment that not only welcomes students but helps them feel supported as well. As the chair of the Student and Academic Affairs Committee, my goal is to ensure that the needs or concerns of any student are met. Aside from being Secretary, I am also a first-year Admissions & Access Peer Mentor, a member of the National Society of Leadership & Success, and a member of SPARK club. If you ever have any questions concerning any activity, I hope to be of service.

After Guttman, I plan to transfer to a four-year university to major in Human Resource Management. Some of my hobbies include anime, art, helping others, fantasy films, and video games. During my time as Secretary, I hope to help inspire students to become more involved in our school and the wonderful activities it has to offer.

While we may be learning remotely from home, I hope to be of service to all students and faculty here at Guttman this year. If you ever need any advice or help please feel free to email me at It’s an honor to serve you here at Guttman.

Shania Brown, Senator

Shania Brown

Hello, my name is Shania Brown, I am one of the senators in Guttman’s Student Government Association as well as a First-Year Experience Peer Mentor.

As a senator and student, I plan to create spaces for people of different backgrounds to express themselves and be heard. I want students to gain experience and resources from the events organized by me and the SGA, such as learning more about themselves and those around them. Ensuring that students feel supported virtually and physically is a goal I aim to achieve at Guttman.

Chelsea Gonzalez, Senator

Chelsea Gonzalez

Hello, Grizzlies! My name is Chelsea Gonzalez; I am happy to announce that I am this year’s Student Government Association Senator. I am a second-year student at Guttman, majoring in Liberal Arts and Science – Humanities. As a senator, I hope to become a leader, friend, and advocate for all Guttman Students. I want to provide opportunities and create a safe environment for all. Not only am I this year’s senator, but I am also a Statistics Peer Mentor. If you ever have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. After Guttman, I hope to transfer to Hunter College and pursue a bachelor’s in Social Work. With a Social Work degree, I hope to change our society and become someone people can rely on.

I am excited to be a part of the SGA team! The rest of the SGA team and I are here to support you. We hope to make the Guttman community safe for all. If you have any questions/comments/ or concerns, feel free to email me at

Angel Grandizio, Senator

Angel Grandizio

My name is Angelica Grandizio, however, you may call me Angel. I am a Senator of the Student Government Association and am majoring in Human Services as a second-year student.

After the fall semester, I had decided to take the semester off and use that time to re-identify the purpose of what I really want to achieve. Taking that semester off really helped in many ways because now I have a better idea of what I want to achieve and my purpose. My goal is to become a Special Education Teacher for students with learning disabilities from Pre-K to 3rd grade. After I complete my studies here at Guttman, I will transfer to Syracuse University to join their amazing teaching program.

My role as Senator will be to help and support those that need it. I want to be able to help students in any way possible, by being the bridge for those who are seeking help or in need of guidance. I hope that I can be the Senator that you can rely on.

Coral Savari, Senator

Coral Savari

Hi, my name is Coral Savari and I am one of the Senators of the Student Government Association. I am a second-year student, majoring in Liberal Arts and Science with a concentration on Math and Science. After I graduate from Guttman, I plan to further my education at a four-year institution and achieve my goal of having a career in the medical field.

As a senator, my work revolves around listening to the issues and concerns of other students and provide valuable and useful information and advice that benefits them in their journey as college students. My goal as a senator is to make student voices be heard and acknowledged. I aspire to be a good influence for students and help them figure things out.

Remote learning can be hard and overwhelming, which is why it is important that students reach out and use all their resources. As a member of the SGA, I make myself available to help the students that are reaching out and encourage others to engage in the Guttman community and to stay motivated academically.