Associate in Arts (A.A.)

Are you interested in what makes cities work? Interested in what makes New York City work?

Every day, 8.4 million people navigate issues of housing, transit, employment, health care, education, community development, environmental sustainability and social justice here in one of the greatest cities in the world.

New York is a complex place built on an aging infrastructure. It has a constant stream of new immigrants who come looking for the American dream. What better place to examine how it all comes together than in the heart of the city itself?

At Guttman Community College, we are uniquely situated to offer a program in urban studies. Using New York City as a laboratory, this major will provide you with a rigorous liberal arts education exploring urban issues through the lenses of history, political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, literature, psychology and environmental science. It will prepare you for a range of majors at four-year colleges and open doors for potential careers in such fields as government, community and social services, and regional and urban planning.

By the time you leave us, you’ll be well-positioned to take an active role in your community and advocate for causes that are meaningful to you.