Applying for Financial Aid

Guttman Community College disburses both Federal and New York State financial aid to all eligible students. If you want financial aid, you must take the first step and submit an application–even if you think you might not be eligible.

At Guttman we are ready to answer all your questions about how to apply for Financial Aid and to guide you through the entire application process.

There are THREE EASY STEPS to applying for financial aid:

Step #1: Fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • The FAFSA form is available online here.
  • Submit your FAFSA starting on October 1 of the year prior you anticipate enrolling at Guttman.
  • Follow the instructions and first apply for an FSA ID. If you are including your parent(s) income, they will also need to apply for an FSA ID.
  • Add Guttman’s Federal school code 042101 on your FAFSA when applying.

About one week after submitting your FAFSA, you should receive an email confirmation with a link to your Student Aid Report (SAR) from the U.S. Department of Education. The SAR is an online document acknowledging the processing of your FAFSA. Be sure to review the document for accuracy.

Step #2: Complete your New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application for New York State aid

  • New York State (NYS) residents attending a NYS school can link directly to the TAP application from the FAFSA submission confirmation page.
  • If you exited the FAFSA before completing the TAP application and you listed a New York State address and a New York State college on the FAFSA, New York’s Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) will automatically receive your information in about three days. HESC will then send you an email with directions to complete the TAP application online.
  • The TAP application can also be found here.
  • Make sure you complete the TAP application and add the Guttman TAP code 1421.

Step #3: Visit the HUB, Guttman’s center for many beneficial services

  • There is always help available at Guttman if you need assistance or have questions.
  • Visit the Financial Aid Office at the Hub on the third floor at 50 West 40th Street
  • Call the Hub at 646-313-8080 or the Financial Aid Office at 646-313-8011.
  • Email

Guttman Community College will calculate the amount of financial aid that you will be awarded based on your FAFSA submission. We will then send you a financial aid award letter.

Please refer to our helpful checklist when applying for financial aid at Guttman.