Office of the President

President Scott Evenbeck sitting on a chair in Bryant Park, facing the camera


Stella and Charles Guttman Community College has a remarkable story to tell.  In August 2018–just seven years from the day we first opened our doors to students–the College was named the No. 1 community college in New York State by Guttman’s high ranking is due primarily to our three-year graduation rate, which exceeds the national norm three-fold.

Our students achieve such good results because Guttman has an innovative and unique academic model that is student-centered and structured for their success.  The model puts students on a defined pathway:  they have no choice about the classes they take in their first year; they are also not side tracked by remedial classes and can continue to earn credits for all the classes they take.  Further, incoming students are required to attend a Summer Bridge program before the school year begins.  During Summer Bridge, they come to understand the cohort-based way of life for first-year students, and engage in academic projects that give them a sense of our approach to learning and teaching.  Once the school year begins, they are required to attend on a full-time basis and are better prepared to do college-level work.

The first-year core curriculum challenges students with multi-disciplinary courses that teach them academic subjects and also gives them the chance to learn about themselves as learners.  Comprehensive advising and our signature Peer Mentoring program supports students, helping them remain on track.  When, towards the end of their first year, our students select their major, they do so as informed learners.  The College offers only five programs of study, which means students do not ‘major hop’ and lose time.

Guttman’s academic calendar is also configured so students can make efficient use of their time here.  We are in session eleven months of the year, allowing our students to earn credits without eating up their financial aid packages.  Finally, the College’s endowment funds provide all our students with a wide-range of programs for travel, internships, and other experiential opportunities that encourages them to explore their interests and talents more fully.

Our College community reflects the wonderful diversity of New York City, with over 35 different languages spoken by our staff and students. We honor different cultures and backgrounds through Heritage Month celebrations, films, readings and other activities to foster a welcoming and inclusive community.

I encourage you to get to know our College through our website and, if you’re interested, with a visit to learn more about what makes Guttman a community college like no other.


Scott E. Evenbeck
Stella and Charles Guttman Community College