Performance Management

person working on a computer, holding a pencil in one hand

Performance Management is the process of reviewing the past goals and performance of an employee, department, or overall organization in order to assess effectiveness and efficiency and to determine where further development is needed to ensure that goals are met.

At Guttman, we strongly believe that our success as an institution is linked to the success of our employees in their work. We strive to ensure that all employees are provided with the tools they need to succeed in their roles as well as the resources for skill-building and professional growth opportunities.

As part of the performance management process, all Guttman employees receive an annual Evaluation Conference with their supervisor, followed by a written Performance Evaluation that serves as a record of the evaluation discussion. These conferences provide employees and their supervisors the opportunity to discuss the outcome of past goals and objectives, clarify expectations, review prior performance, address any concerns, provide constructive feedback and recognition, set new goals for the upcoming year, and determine areas of professional development or training, if needed. Employee Performance Evaluations are required as a basis to support future personnel decisions, including merit-based salary increases for applicable titles, job changes and growth.

We work closely with all departments and supervisors to ensure performance management processes are in place for all employees at the College by continually providing relevant workshops, resources and guidance to ensure employee success.

Evaluation forms can be found in the Forms section under the relevant employee group.

Faculty performance and evaluations are managed by the Office of the Provost. Please refer to the Faculty Resources section of our website or contact the Office of the Provost for more information.