Bruce Lyons
Director of Foundation Relations and Communications
Tel: (646) 313-8015

At Guttman Community College we challenge our students to think differently about New York City and the larger world—and their role in shaping the future of both. Our courses are designed to link classroom learning to “hands-on” career experiences and community services with city government, non-profit organizations and businesses. Our midtown campus facing Bryant Park is in the heart of New York City, and the City is at the heart of the college experience.

As a bold new model of community college education, we look forward to partnering with other CUNY colleges and institutions outside of the system to replicate successful aspects of our College. We are very much still a new community college and aspire to providing a comprehensive educational experience for our students. Guttman Community College seeks philanthropic support to expand its class size and continue to give the students of New York City an opportunity to complete their degrees within three years or less, pursue a career or additional studies, and become engaged citizens.

We strongly believe that—with your help—we can make history by building a promising future for Guttman students. We offer a variety of opportunities to support our vision to improve student achievement and success.

At Guttman Community College every gift matters, no matter the size!  Support from donors like you will allow us to:

  • Provide our students with the necessary financial assistance to complete their education
  • Offer unique academic and cultural experiences to complement the classroom experience.
  • Provide emergency funding to students to meet immediate financial needs
  • Support student experiential learning and internship opportunities
  • Develop co-curricular programs
  • Enhance professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to facilitate curricular innovation and research.

Continued support from our donors will ensure Guttman students fulfill their potential to become the leaders for tomorrow.

List of current donors:

  • Malcolm Gibbs Foundation
  • The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation
  • The Robin Hood Foundation
  • The Richard Salomon Family Foundation