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Director of Foundation Relations and Communications
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Guttman Community College: Building Community, Supporting Success

Guttman has been committed to transforming young people’s lives since opening in fall 2012. The College’s innovative educational model has been very successful, with graduation rates three-times the national average. More importantly, our students are engaged in impactful learning opportunities in the classroom, in the city, and abroad as part of our signature Global Guttman program. We are making history by building a promising future for Guttman students.

At Guttman Community College every gift matters, no matter the size!  Support from donors like you allows us to:

  • Provide students with the necessary financial assistance to complete their education
  • Offer unique academic and cultural experiences to complement the classroom experience.
  • Support student experiential learning and internship opportunities
  • Develop co-curricular programs to enhance student retention and success
  • Enhance professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to facilitate curricular innovation and research.

Please support our vision to improve student achievement and success! All donations go directly to the Stella and Charles Guttman Community College Foundation, Inc., a tax-exempt 501( c )3 organization.

Sara Vasquez

Your Generosity Has a Direct Impact

“Guttman’s generosity and the opportunities they’ve given me have changed the course of my future. I never expected to be able to do such great things so early on in my life. The simple efforts on Guttman’s part allowed me to travel abroad for the first time in my life. Not only did they pay for my travel expenses, but they paid for me to get my first passport as well. This is something that not many people in my family have been able to do, but they’re proud to see me do it. This institution has been so supportive and after this experience, I am much more willing to take risks in the future, to travel, and to apply to more programs that will take me further in my academic career.” Sara Vasquez, Global Guttman, Chile 2017