New and Current Employees

New and Current Employees

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    New Employees

    Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to the Guttman community! Starting a new job is an exciting new beginning, but it can also feel overwhelming with so much information to take in and remember. The general information below is intended to make that transition easier by helping you know what to expect during your onboarding process as you settle into your new role.

    Before Starting

    As a new employee, be sure to do the following prior to your start date:

    • Make sure HR has your new hire documentation
    • Review your first day notification email to confirm your arrival time on campus

    Your First Day

    Every institution is unique. Every job is different. Here at Guttman, we recognize and appreciate just how much there is to learn when starting a new job.

    • Please arrive 15 minutes early and check in with Public Safety
    • Visit IT in room 304 to get set up with digital access and an ID
    • Your supervisor will ensure you get acquainted with your unit members


    There are a variety of events that have been designed to introduce you to the Guttman Community, such as HR’s Getting to Know Guttman onboarding orientation. The Office of Human Resources hosts this annual orientation for all newly hired full-time employees to learn more about the College and the Guttman community, meet with key College administrators and to network with fellow new hires.

    Time and Leave

    Depending on your position, you may accrue sick days and annual leave and earn Unscheduled Holidays. You may view a breakdown of the Time and Leave Benefits Summary for your position on the Time and Leave Forms page. An HR staff member will be in touch with you soon after your start date to provide guidance and send information on the electronic submission of your bi-weekly timesheet, if applicable. More information will be provided during your onboarding.


    Employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis – view payroll calendars. After you receive your first paycheck, it is recommended that you schedule a meeting with HR to review your paystub. If you elect to enroll in Direct Deposit, your paychecks will be deposited into your selected bank account. However, the first paycheck may be a paper check. If so, HR will contact you confirming payment, as well as where to pick up your paycheck and subsequent pay stubs from. More information will be provided during your onboarding.

    For full-time employees, our Assistant Director for Employee Services will schedule a meeting with you during your first week to review your completed benefits forms and related benefits documents. Please make every effort to submit all required forms by the end of your first week of employment to ensure prompt processing of benefits, but no later than the 30th day of employment. A benefits orientation will also be scheduled to help you make an informed decision regarding the various benefits offerings available to you.

    For part-time employees, the Assistant Director for Employee Services holds semiannual group benefits orientations, based on classification (instructional and classified staff). Watch your email for details.

    Current Employees

    At GCC, our faculty and staff are our most important assets. We take pride in their expertise, dedication and accomplishments. We believe that our employees should be recognized for their hard work and commended for their efforts to make Guttman Community College one of the most outstanding and groundbreaking institutions of higher learning.

    From Awards & Recognition events to celebrate our employees, performance management, employee training and professional development opportunities to help you grow and advance your career and a variety of CUNY and Guttman benefits options to make employment competitive and worthwhile, we work hard to ensure Guttman is a promising and rewarding place to work.