Standards and Policies


Library visitors must present and scan their valid Guttman Community College or ID card in order to enter the Information Commons. Visitors to Guttman are asked to present a valid CUNY ID.

A valid Guttman ID must be presented whenever requested by a staff member. To borrow materials and equipment (e.g., circulating print materials, Reserve items, laptops, calculators, headphones, adaptors), a staff member must scan a Guttman or CUNY ID and the requested items into the integrated library system.

Please note: Library materials from the general stacks are available for loan to all. Reserve items are limited to Guttman ID holders. There is no access to networked computing for visitors. The Guttman IT HelpDesk can assist with temporary access to our WiFi for use of personal mobile devices.


The Library is a welcoming space dedicated to educational activities and gathering for all members of the Guttman community and registered guests. As such, it is a busy, public place, shared by people of diverse backgrounds, values, and needs. Please be mindful of this diversity as you enjoy what the Library offers.

  1. Use of Resources: Library resources, materials, and equipment are for educational, informational, and recreational purposes only. Use of all resources, including the Internet, must be responsible, ethical, and aligned with the purpose for which these resources are provided.
  1. Respect for Privacy: Library patrons must respect the privacy of others, including information and data. Anyone attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others will be asked to move to the Atrium, the Lower Level, or another space, and may face further consequences based on the gravity of the situation.
  1. Low Volume: To ensure a respectful environment for all patrons, including those using the Library as a quiet place to study, complete assignments, and do research, please speak softly, keep devices on silent or vibrate, and refrain from talking by phone or videocall. The use of headphones to listen to audio or video is required.* Anyone engaging in loud and/or disruptive behavior will be asked to move to the Atrium or another location.
    *The Library offers professional-grade headsets and disposable headphones. Please inquire at the front desk.
  1. Food and Beverages: Food and drink may not be consumed in the Library. Patrons who are eating or drinking or carrying a beverage in an unsecured container will be asked to take their refreshments to the Atrium or another location. Beverages in bottles with twist-off caps or secured covers and tumblers or cups with secured lids are allowed (both hot and cold). For more information, please refer to Section 2D: Public Health and Safety Considerations of the Guttman Reopening Plan.
  1. Signage, Flyers, and Whiteboards: Posting signs, flyers, or messages of any kind on the Library whiteboards and/or leaving such on top of the front desk requires approval from the Library staff and our partner offices. Please consult a Library staff member to ensure that your signage or material is approved for display. The Library reserves the right to remove any sign, flyer, or item that has not been authorized by a Library staff member.

No individual may engage in inappropriate conduct on the premises of the Library, as specified in Sections I and II of the Manual of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities. Please refer to the Manual for more information regarding disruptive behavior on campus and the disciplinary actions that follow. Failure to comply with the Library’s policies and rules may result in a warning, removal from the Library, and/or restriction or termination of Library privileges.