Dr. Alia Tyner-Mullings, Associate Professor of Sociology

April 6, 2020 | Academics, Faculty, Faculty Feature, First Year Experience, Humanities and Social Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Research

“The thing that you always want as a professor is that moment when the students get what you’re talking about… see something and connect it to their lives, or see [something] in their lives and connect it to [what’s] happening in the classroom… When you do something in a class and the students say it was the first time they did that, or the first time they saw the point of something.”

There is little that Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. Alia Tyner-Mullings has not done as a Guttman Founding Faculty, joining in 2011, a year before the College’s doors opened to students. Colleagues assume, she laughs, “that any committee that exists, I’m on it, which obviously is not true.” Dr. Tyner-Mullings has chaired Guttman’s chapter of the Professional Staff Congress since its inception, a position she has held through several election cycles and crucial contract negotiations. A vocal advocate for establishing the Academic Senate, she presently serves as its Vice Chair. Dr. Tyner-Mullings has collaborated to revise Guttman’s unique two-semester Ethnographies of Work (EoW) sequence and, subsequently, to create an Open Educational Resource (OER) for these courses. In addition, the acronym she coined for the Guttman Learning Outcomes that articulate educational goals and reflect the institution’s vision for our students – GLOs – has been heartily adopted.

Professor’s Research on Creating Biofuel from Waste Published

March 22, 2020 | Academics, Faculty, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Publication, Research, STEM

Assistant Professor of Science Dr. Jihyun Kim’s research on transforming brown grease into biodiesel fuel has been published in the Journal of Biochemical Engineering. The groundbreaking research describes the process of using water treatment plant waste to create a renewable energy source in the form of biodiesel.

Dr. Vivian Lim, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

February 27, 2020 | Academics, Faculty, Faculty Feature, First Year Experience, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Research, STEM

“I always say [to my students], I want you to be the master of mathematics rather than mathematics being the master of you.”

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Dr. Vivian Lim finds Guttman “the perfect setting for being able to teach math in a way that is meaningful, that engages students critically about the world.” Teaching the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) component of City Seminar in the First-Year Experience since Fall 2017 has been ideal as “one of the fundamental learning outcomes is students being critical and using math in an interdisciplinary way.” Dr. Lim freely admits that “this is my dream job,” an opportunity to connect math directly to her students’ lives and empower them as civic agents.

Deans Blake and Ziehmke Present at the American Conference of Academic Deans (ACAD) Annual Meeting

February 12, 2020 | Academics, Conference Presentation

On January 24, Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs Nicola Blake and Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Planning Niesha Ziehmke presented at the American Conference of Academic Deans (ACAD) Annual Meeting. They led an interactive workshop titled “Courageously Collaborative Leadership: Engaging Campus Stakeholders for Positive Change,” which provided strategies to initiate and foster support for new or refined campus initiatives. Using two case studies, Deans Blake and Ziehmke demonstrated that having courageous conversations can bolster project outcomes and implementation. During the workshop, participants identified initiatives at their home campuses and brainstormed how to apply the strategies learned to increase stakeholder buy-in and participation in college undertakings in order to achieve enhanced results.

Professor of Anthropology Gives Lecture in Toronto

January 29, 2020 | Academics, Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences, Research

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Dr. Kristina Baines gave a guest lecture titled, “Embodied Ecological Heritage: Health, Happiness and Identity” at York University in Toronto, Canada on January 22. The lecture was co-sponsored by the Dahdahleh Institute of Global Health Research and the Department of Anthropology at York University. It was well-attended by interdisciplinary public health and global health scholars.

Assistant Professor James Rodriguez Joins Panel on Gentrification at Brooklyn Historical Society Event

January 17, 2020 | Academics, Events, Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Assistant Professor of History James Rodriguez was a panelist at Brooklyn Historical Society’s “Gentrification 2.0: The Good, the Bad, and the Blurry” event on January 15th. Professor Rodriguez contributed his expertise on the topic of gentrification as a co-author of the recently published book,  Racial Inequality in New York City Since 1965.

Guttman Becomes Part of the CUNY Humanities Alliance as $3.15 Million Mellon Foundation Grant Goes to The Graduate Center, CUNY to Support Humanities Teaching Initiative

January 15, 2020 | Academics, Grants, Humanities and Social Sciences

The grant funds partnerships between The Graduate Center and four CUNY community colleges and supports 28 doctoral fellowships aimed at enhancing opportunities for students to engage with the humanities.

Dr. Tashana Samuel, Assistant Professor of Psychology

January 6, 2020 | Academics, Faculty, Faculty Feature, First Year Experience, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Publication, Research, STEM

“My students are deserving of the wonderful opportunities that life has to offer, even if they have to demand a seat at the table.”

“Lean into the present and don’t waste time” are tenets of Dr. Tashana Samuel’s proactive philosophy, words by which she lives. A child psychologist specializing in cognitive development, Dr. Samuel holds a Ph.D. from the CUNY Graduate Center, with research experience including a longitudinal study at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Center under Drs. Catherine Monk and Laraine McDonough. Since becoming Assistant Professor of Psychology at Guttman in 2015, Dr. Samuel is simultaneously teaching Statistics in the First-Year Experience and Introduction to Psychology in the Liberal Arts and Sciences – Humanities and Social Sciences Program of Study; conducting research on “techniques to alleviate academic anxiety in community college students”; publishing the promising findings in an article co-authored with fellow Guttman faculty Dr. Jared Warner; and sharing their pedagogical impact in service of our students. Also involved in expanding psychology course offerings at the College, she is excited to teach Guttman’s upcoming first iteration of Child Psychology.

Professors Present on Ethnographies of Work at Middle States Commission Conference

December 13, 2019 | Academics, Ethnographies of Work, Faculty, Research

Assistant Professor of Psychology April Burns and Associate Professor of Sociology Alia Tyner-Mullings gave a presentation of Guttman’s innovative course Ethnogrpahies of Work at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education Annual Conference in Philadelphia.

Professor Maggie Dickinson Publishes Article on SNAP Cuts in The Atlantic

December 12, 2019 | Academics, Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences, In the Media, Publication

Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies Maggie Dickinson’s article about the consequences of cutting SNAP benefits for families has been published in The Atlantic.